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Who are you voting for? Answered

So, who are you voting for? I know, I'm a little late....



9 years ago

This is in violation of "The Be Nice Policy." Hate speech will not be tolerated on this website. It is Instructables policy to be welcoming of all people regardless of race, religion, nationality, skin color or sexual orientation.

I am sad that you see nothing wrong with this.

Just because he's white?

Screw Sweden, them euro-types don't have enough guns...

Just move to Texas and we can all succeed...

"Pish"? "Posh"? Yer not from 'round here, are ya, boy?

Nah sah!! Watchin' tah mooch Brit Com I hav bin sah!

I can do a wicked Edinburgh accent...

bai liek a second.

But the one who replied last shows up on his tracker and directly below his post.

So I win =D

*waves hand dismissively* gr8r thigs r @ st8ke than speelin ad grammmmmr!!!!!!

New Zealand eventually, but I might stop by Kj's hangout and Jake's lairdly lair first...

Nah, we're just going to succeed, nice 'n' confederate like...

Ummm...perhaps he's just been reading too many alternate-history SF novels?

Judging from recent conversation with him, that would appear to be the case.

what? its all true, well not yet it isnt, but hey, i better shut up before i taint the timeline anymore.

I voted for my Autonomy...... :-)

I think that is Babar LOL

More like: I follow the rules, but I rule myself, I don't need Big daddy government to look over my shoulder go ahead an look, I ain't doing anything you care about anyways, except paying my taxes and I certainly don't need another Pappy to tell me how to live my life.

I wonder how many times you can say that before you're banned? I hope this will be the last.

You only watched the Ads, didn't you? LOL Neither side was totally truthful in those things.....

lol none of that is at all close to true. He was on the same school council as a man that committed a terrorist act a long time ago. That along with other politicians and the editor of a big newspaper. and he's no muslim, even if he was who cares?

> he's no muslim, even if he was who cares? . Ppl that use the phrase "White Power." :(