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Who are your "Tech Heros?" Answered

When I was young I idolized Jacques-Yves Cousteau, in part because of the undersea technology (aqualung, minisubs, habitations, etc.) but also since he was one of the first to warn of overfishing and open-ocean pollution.

Do young people have technology heros today? (Linus T. and Bill G. come to mind, but I was hoping for someone more interesting...)



Trevor Bayliss, of the Baygen radio, and Oliver Postgate, of the Clangers (not known as an inventor, but he designed and made a lot of his stop-motion equipment from scratch).

Since this thread has reappeared, it's reminded me to add one I forgot to add the first time around - Johnny Ball.

Aside to younger British readers - that's Zoe Ball's father. I've met him.

*chuckle* I..I'm sorry....I jus- *laughs*......oh man!

Newborn babies poop green. Just thought I'd let you know a bit about myself.

Reminds me of someone else I forgot to list:
Harold Edgerton, the strobe and hi-speed photography pioneer.

Nikola Tesla! Wooo HV coils! AC! He also had the first remote control/radio

Nikola Tesla. Without him we would not be here doing this. We would not have lit homes, efficient electricity, the modern dam, AC motors, or AC at all for that matter. But most of all we would not have Tesla coils!
Marconi did not invent the radio, it was Tesla. Marconi stole the design and made it before tesla had a chance. Tesla wa later credited but it was pushed back in the newspaper because of WW2

Oh, yeah... Edison is an arrogant liar

Im sorry but its got to be El Jobso - he is at the for front of consumer computing, and he always looks so cool in his jeans and black polo neck - i mean the uniform for the apple stores is basically what jobs wears! tee and some jeans.

I don't hero worship either and sports hereos (except of the Olympics) are a joke. So they can play ball wow big deal. How about Dr. Jonas Sauk and Dr. Albert Sabin - they cured Polio, now that was high tech science in a low tech era. They literally saved lives but it seems no one can remember their names when asked "who cured Polio."(shaking head in disblief) They are true heros.

I remembered it. It's very sad, the other day I mentioned Marie Curie to two teenage girls, and they said "who?".

My whole English class knows about Marie Curie because of me XD. The radioactive chemicals and stuff she discovered are pretty interesting.

They are!

Did you ever notice that her and her husbands names rhyme? Marie and Pierre Curie...

In english we had to write a play about someone so I suggested Marie Curie and it was a pretty interesting play. I think I still have the script around here somewhere...

I always pronounces them so that they didn't rhyme. How do you pronounce them?

That sounds neat! If you find it, please post the script in the writing group!

Oh...I'm such a noob...I always thought it was pronounced Muh ree and Puh ree Cure-ee. Good thing I never said pierre to anyone!

I'll go look for it later! Wait...I just found the notebook it's in :D

That's ok, I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've pronounced someones name or something and they're like "What? Don't you mean blah blah blah?" And I'm like "Uhh.... Yeah I guess so..."

In one of the scenes my friend gets run over with a carriage XD

We used a cardboard box as the carriage. It was a pretty weird play...

The scenes aren't very long because I had to hurry to finish it and I was working on it in science.


Oh yeah, Pierre did get run over by a carriage, didn't he...

I am serious. They were I think 15 y/o, not that I was an octogenarian!

Eric J Wilhelm is the first one that pops into mind.