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Who, but me thinks the new 'Blue Hand Instructable Counter' is really pimp, yo? Answered


I think its pretty pimp, but my green one is more pimp.

+1 Wait, where'd they come from...?

Purple was the color of royality because it was so hard to produce. Blue... I don't know!

Are you talking about just the blue ones or are you including the other colors also?

Well at the time I wrote this I hadn't even seen the other colors, but I was super excited to write, so.

Well it's a good idea I guess.

The thing I don't like is I spend most of my time here answering questions.  I don't have the time to do instructables.  So I have a 3 showing and it looks like I'm not giving back to the site.  But yet I have one of the highest number of best answers so I really am giving back to the site.

Just not where THEY want the action to be.

It even changes colors! If you look at someone who has more Instructables, like Kiteman, it's orange. It's a really nice feature. Also, if you haven't noticed already, check your profile (not 'you' page), it lists your current stats.

Is it just me, or did they take the idea from the Top Trumps? :D