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Who can help me stop sucking at Soduku? Answered

I've tried playing Soduku before, and I understand how the game works, but it takes me hours to do the easiest puzzles incorrectly. If there's any Soduku experts out there, I'd appreciate the help.


If you suck at soduku you are doing it all wrong.

You should be using a pencil...

The pencil won't write on my LCD, if only I had the CRT plugged-in - I could use a magnet. L

err, you might be evil...

How can tell an Essex girl has been using your PC?

Either you have the mind and eyes for it, or you don't. You may be able to develop these but some of it is in the way you think and see stuff.

Look at that picture and I see that column 4 (from left) only has 3 missing numbers, they are 2,6 and 7. Cross-reference 2 with rows (from top) 3, 5 and 7 - it will only go into row 3 or 5 - reference row 3 with the 9-square block, and the 2 is already in there - row 5, column 4 = 2

(bear with me and I'll try to do the whole thing... maybe)



That leaves you in column 4 with only 2 missing numbers, 6 and 7. Cross-reference 7 with rows (from top) 3 and 7 - it will only go into row 7 therefore 6 must belong in row 7.


The next thickest column is 6, missing 1,5 and 6. 1 will fit row 3 only 5 will fit row 7 only (now 1 is in row 3) 6 will fit row 5 (now 1 is in row 3 and 5 is in row 7)


Looking at the upper middle block of 9, it only needs 4,5 & 7. Both 4 & 7 are excluded from row 3, so that's your 7 in. That only leaves you with 2 & 9 to pop in row 3, and 9 is excluded from column 2 because there's a 9 in that block already - row 3 complete. That's how I look at this, and that's enough from me. L


Sorry the 5 goes in there, not 7.


Thanks a lot. Until now I was just guessing and checking. I never thought about it like this before. I appreciate it.

Oh wow - I didn't waste my time.

Like I said before, it is how you look at things, and how your mind works. This example is particularly easy, when you're juggling "it's that or that in there or there" you need more advanced strategies...

I am not an expert, but I can do this much.


IDGI. Lemonie responds to these and the authors delete and repost. Why?