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Who designed the instructables logo? Answered

This yellow robot seems a little wired..
I really hope the designer can think a little bit more about the logo's style
This website is so awesome, but the robot seems a little rigid


The design for Robot, boxy, schoolbus yellow, with antennas for ears and wheels for feet, was chosen by a blue-ribbon branding committee. That's the same way they make all the important decisions around here.

Oh yeah! There were focus groups too!


The focus groups loved Robot! You know, loved, erm, statistically speaking.


Robot has been with the site since Day One.

Leave Him alone!


3 years ago

What a wonderful sense of sarcasmic humor you have :-Daisy

I look forward to your first Eco-friendly instructable.


Well~I'm serious about this~maybe cuz I do a little design~

And I think this LOGO can be update a better version~ It really can bring more fans to join in.

A the bottom of this page there is a Who_We_Are that will take you to several HQ editors, see if they might want to run a contest for design ideas.

I'm a member since 2006 and there is a lot of investment in that robot (who-is-not-emailing-answers-lately) including T-shirts, hoodies and HALLOWEEN cards which makes it instantly recognizable by me across the web.


Well~~That's seems pretty cool~I'll try it when I have enough leisure time~

thank u sir =)

I quite like it too...

Reminds me of the old scary robots in the BW movies when I was little.


3 years ago

Umm, OK this this even a question of a complaint about the graphic design?

I do like it, it give a imperfect, prototype, handmade, 'DIY' feel. A perfect and symmetrical CAD drawing would not really be a good choice for this site.

you seem to be the only one bothered by this