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Who did this to knex???? Answered

All knex rating that were 5, are now 4!!!!!! Why , who, when??? It is so annoying!!!!


Before you "jump the gun", staff may be tweaking the rating system again. They have a complex formula, I think, to compute the rating and they are always trying to get it as realistic and accurate as possible. You probably need to make your knex creation better than the best to impress those not into knex. The more people that rate in turn will boost the score again. Good luck.

agreed, BUT, if someone is going around and voting down on your ibles, then it is their opinion. But thats no different to any other -ible. Eg, people who might target steampunk.

Maybe all the Knex'ers can come up with their own rating from "meh" to "freeking awesome". The particular interest group could form a committee to give it its own seal of approval. What would be the steampunk scale? (tinney and dodgey to...)

dull-quasi-patina to fully polished and lacquered brass...

though, if you note, im more cyberpunk/dystopian than steampunk.

Hmm... transistor radio to Cybernetic arm with built in anti-matter blaster, interface device, and crono-spacial distorter?

The system is pretty bad... If you give it a .5/5, the rating starts off at a 3, and barely goes anywhere from there.

Duely noted. I am not familiar with that quadrant of the wormhole.

Meh you get used to it. I had like 4-5 of my guns all on the front page at one point and all of them got attacked. Most beyond repair. You'll live through it.


It is only a rating, as long a some people find it useful it it doesn't really matter.