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Who do u think is the best knex maker? Also who is the best knex maker on here? Answered

who is the best knex maker ever and who is the best on here


Probably some guy who sold his life away to it...oh wait let me narrow that down a little more.
Probably some guy who has a job doing nothing else but designed 1:1 sculptures and such using only K'nex. Definitely not anyone around here, KI, youtube or KF for sure. This does make me curious if there is any other organized community of K'nexers somewhere.

Just because a person is good in one section of knex doesn't mean he is good in another.  I may be good at making weapons but I stink at making vehicles.

You said 'their' instead of 'they're'.

Therefore, you are the dumb one.

i hate and yes HATE knex guns they are DUMBER than me!

Nah, they're a good way to pass the time.  Not all that much more, but fun nonetheless.

dude dont even argue they are stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid


You clearly don't seem to understand the concept of opinions.

I'd imagine the '96' in your name is your date of birth.

well i do understand it is just that guns are 90% of knex instructable makeup. seems like it went overboard.

There should be more variety in the site, I admit, but I'm not too great at making other things, and I imagine others feel the same way.

I actually think knex guns are cool, it is just that there are so many pointless guns that dont even look like a gun and get 2 star ratings, tha make up 70% of the knex guns on tthis site. thats what really makes me hate them. i only like the replicas, or any that actually look like a gun.

Some of the more sci-fi looking ones are ok though.  And TRs look nothing like a weapon but are probably the best around.

I'm just knexing for the sake of making guns and shooting them.  Everything else to me is a waste of time and parts lol.

...I could say the same about any art material. You have to judge how good they are at making what they make and not how good they are at making everything with this one medium.
And the thing is, they could probably learn to make any like weapons rather easily. You and I would never manage to make a huge sculpture or even learn the very basics in the time it would take for them to master making weapons. Thus, they have more experience.

It took me 5-6 months to learn how to make decent knex weapons from not knowing the first thing about knex.  So I'd imagine it would take me the same time to master the art of sculpting.

'I may be good at making weapons'

That made me ROFL.

I kid, I kid.

Zak is the best.  He is on KI.  Kinetic, oblivitus, knexfreek, and bakenbizt are all honorable mentions.


8 years ago


We never heard of you either.

Good, I'm not the only one who has never heard of me either.


NO idea.
Maybe he's here, and we just don't know it..............

did i scare you?

 iac or some KI ppl

The one who doesn't ask silly questions


8 years ago

well really theres none, it depends on what they post, some of it can be good and some can be bad...... it really depends