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Who does, has, or will own a Mini? Answered

So who has in the past, does currently, or plans to own a Mini? I for one do. I use to not like them, then something happened. Don't ask me what 'cause I don't know.

Join the group!


I do! Rover Mini Mayfair. 1995, 19,000 miles on the clock, British Racing Green, perfect condition. More details on my own thread.

Don't forget the kitewife-she says YES! one. The one some people thought meant she had accepted your proposal...

Aye, and KITEMAN MADE A GRAMMAR ERROR!!!, it's obvious he was excited...

The title was a cultural reference - The Man from Delmonte - He say Yes! was a tagline in UK tinned-fruit adverts, back in the day.

Insist if you will, I still have it marked down as a grammar error...

>Kiteman made a grammar error!!! Not really such an incredibly rare thing, really. Spotting them is kind of like a sport. The only rule is, the first one to point it out, gets it. I've bagged several good ones, including some your/your/you're misuses and I believe a they're/their/there mishandling, along with various run-of-the-mill typos. Great fun! ;)

Fussy point - that one with the woman on it is not a Mini, it's a BMW.

An elderly aunt has promised me a lump-sum in a few weeks (she wants to see me spend my inheritance!), so I'm keeping my eye out for a 1275cc, 1989-1993 Mini.

The cars currently being manufactured as "Minis" are designed and built by BMW. The only genuine Mini heritage is the badge. My grandmother drove Minis. My father raced a Mini. I learned to drive in a Mini, my first car was a Mini, I had my first crash in a Mini, and courted Kitewife in a Mini. I have never driven a BMW, and I'm not about to start now...

Ahh... so BMW bought the rights/company?

Yes - they bought the name, then built a car under the badge.

But they aren't substantially different, are they?

They are wholly different vehicles - the new version was designed from scratch, with only a few cosmetic touches kept to convince the public, such as mounting the instrument panel centrally, and vaguely following the profile. Look at the comparison photo the CameronSS posted.

yeah that's true, but they r still cool and we can still refer to them as mini's

The new mini's (read: the worst ones) aren't made by the original manufacturers, they're made by BMW in Germany.

YES!!!!! You have joined us! W00t! Let us see who else we can recruit!



You need a 60's Mini. An Austin Mini. Personally, I like the pickups... although, they're not all that practical.

A 60s Mini in roadworthy condition is just too expensive. A Mini built between 89-93 has a mechanically-simple engine, especially the carb, has no injection, no computer, yet meets modern emission regulations. It can also be fixed by somebody with a basic set of tools and Haynes manual.

Okay, I see where you're coming from. I'd probably get a junkyard 60s Mini and do a complete restore... with some mods that vary from the original, of course, but nothing too flashy.

Here's a good comparison image for you. That "Mini" is huge!


I plan to own one someday........................

Mini's second to Corvettes? You got a skewed perception, son. *shakes head* Minis are cool cars, but only the originals. BMW really bastardized (if you'll excuse the term, as I don't think there's really any other word that works so well here) them, IMHO.

I never knew the difference.... I fell for the BMW I'm afraid... Despite there coolness, they just don't have the raw power and masculinity of a Z series Vette, but the Mini is far more practical.

I'd like to have one of the old Minis. The new ones are ok, but the old ones could be tuned to really perform.

The closest thing is that my dad had an MG 1100 for a while. He loved to go Jeeping in it...


9 years ago

Hmmm... does a 21/2 inch long one count

That's REALLY Mini! Or would it be a Nano...

I've always wanted one. I like small cars. Right now I have an Echo, though, and I really like it.

BTW, a little mini story to drive you to madness, one of my wife's coworker's wife (parse that) works for a very very famous sports person (who I can't name), said sports person gave the coworkers wife a mini as reimbursement for something, said wife gave it to her husband, the husband, my wifes coworker, offered it to my wife at an UNBELIEVABLE price, she said NO! Why? She doesn't like the style. This is where I weep, because my wife was more concerned with style than getting a car (practically brand new) for 20 cents on the dollar.

I'm just a little confused, "your future" is as a dilapidated wall with a matchbox car, a chick and an incompetent photographer parked in front?

*scratches chin*
Sounds like a good future to me, considering the many worse alternatives...