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Who drew the original Instructables Robot? Answered

 It's such a great drawing, but it can't really be replicated in 3D, the different ersions always look unique. 

Regardless, who drew the original Robot? I've always wondered....



Best Answer 8 years ago

The legend I heard was,
In the original Instructables workspace there was small cad system running on a pc tower. Sitting on the desk next to the tower was a laptop running W/paint.  The laptop was connected into the internet and had available to it all kinds of information. 

They were left running over night when no one was around.  As often happens when machines are left turned on and no one is around to watch, the two computers started exchanging bits.  At first just nice bits but soon they were exchanging naughty bits.

Soon the tower system started running slower and had a bloated feeling.  Everyone thought it had a virus.  But no.  It wasn't a virus.  Late one night the cad plotter started plotting on its own and the tower couldn't control it. 

The drawing of the robot was what popped out.  Now the computers are turned off at night.

Don't know if it's true or not but that just what I heard.  I'll post a link later if I can find it.


8 years ago


Typing "instructables robot artist" into the I'bles search box gave this as the first hit.


8 years ago

 That is a VERY NAUGHTY story.  Love it.