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Who here is interested? Answered

Who is interested in transformers? Who likes making their own transformers? Who has knex and/or legos? If you answered yes to all of these questions, please, let me know. I'd like to see more home-made TF's on the site, and might run a contest if I get enought participants. Please, tell me. I'll have more information on the idea once I know who all might be interested. Feel free to let friends on instructables know, in fact, I'd appreciate it if you told people about it. Also, feel free to ask questions. One more thing, I'm not sure on this, but I might have a section where you can make your own TF from scratch, made from different various materials.


Awww, when I read: Who is interested in transformers? Who likes making their own transformers?

I was thinking, gee I have wound a few coils myself many moons ago....oh well. wrong thread.... ;-)

LoL, I guess I'm kinda pushing this, but I just posted it.


I made a few high voltage transformers...

I don't have like half the parts...


11 years ago

i like knex and legos but i never made a transformer mepain you are awsome

try and make a transformer. Its not that hard dude.

i suck with legos, and i dont have much anyways... but i would like to see some TF's...

I made a lego hot shot. Shall I post a picture?


11 years ago

I made 2 TF's. From scratch. But...legs and arms are VERY flimsy. I need to make them better. My arms are thin. They cant mould and stay in one place. I'll post pics.

My arms are very thin. LOL!

I'm working on a transformers costume based on this

This guy made an Optimus Prime out of card; it transforms and the wheels turn.

there ok i like them but there not my favorite thing on earth. I'm much more interested in fixing my guitar and get it a whammy bar

would be kewl to see a knex transformer! only if it was made with a fair amount of peices.

i used to make transformers from knex lol i didnt think you liked anything other than knex guns my latest thing that relates most to a transformer is i put a convertible roof on imperars supercar it will be on youtube soon when it has prosseced

I dont like the cheap action figure toys, but making one on your own sounds really interesting ,Mepain. it neads a sort of raw knowledge of topology and deductive reasoning. Sounds really neat! !f there was some thing like that on instructibles, i'd be eagar to see it.

but it would be cool to see some tfs

im not if too many of us can make transformers.I know I cant

ill try it with legoes


11 years ago

ahh transformers mepain i share a intrest when i was younger all i used to buy for two whole years (including birhtday money)was the stuff i had 3 big boxfulls a year later i sold them all (apart from my favourites) in a boot sale and got nearly 100 pounds ($120-160)for them i have never made my own but will try

Two or more coils of wire around a steel or iron core? I've made a few of them...

I have actually rewound a few low voltage/high current transformers for a custom power supply.


11 years ago

I'd REALLY like to see a K'NEX one, mainly because with Lego if you built something that complex there's a lot of fancy pieces few people have (I do have a lot though).

Hmm... I'm not really into Transformers that much. They are cool and everything, but serve no perpose. Maybe a transforming gun would be cool. Who knows, and by the way, what did you mean by pass on?


11 years ago

yeh id be interested although i dont watch the programme so i dont know a thing about them and am not smart enought to create one of my own :d

id be interested in that let me know of the details

Transformers out tonight!! I'm not that good with Knex, as much as I would like to make a Transformer.