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Who here smokes? Answered

Come on fess up, we know you do.


I don't. I actually have to avoid most people that smoke because it gives me migraines. Everytime I go to a party or a bar I come home with a throbbing migraine. It's just not worth it. I've passed up a lot of fun stuff just because I knew I'd come home and curl up in a ball in the dark and want to die. I'm so dramatic! :D

Why the hell would it give you migrains? I get more smoke into me than people around me and it makes me not have headaches.

Because I have a very sensitive nose and smoke is one of the most terrible smells ever and I can't escape it because it seeps into my hair and clothing? I don't know the exact cause, of course, but that's what I'm voting for. I've got chronic migraines and I'll do anything I can to avoid getting one because they typically last for days or turn into clusters.

OH hekc, that's terrible. I've only had two or three migraines in my life and that was enough for me. Now if I even think I might be getting a headache, I'll take something to knock it out. I'm sure you've done a ton of stuff, but consulted a physical therapist or chiropractor by the way?

I've done everything but gone to a chiropractor. Every other treatment out there - I've done it, haha - even weird things like taking medcines for other ailments because my doctor had used them on other patients and been successful. I'm just so worried about going down that road because so much can go wrong. Right now I'm controlling them through diet (very few canned foods or microwavable meals, hardly any processed foods - and NO COOKIE CRISP!), sleep and exercise. I get maybe one a week now, and sometimes not even that! It still sounds bad, I know, but compared to 3-5 a week, it's wonderful!

i get complex (parts of me go numb) cluster migraines when i get stressed. they gave me oxygen to breathe which seems to help some. have you ever tried that? i know about what all can go wrong with medicines... took one for my tourettes and went temporarily blind. well almost blind... couldnt focus on anything. my mom sent me up here to read the fine print on the label because she has a phobia of medications. that was fun... needless to say, it was one of the really rare side effects.

Makes sense to me that diet has a lot to do with it. I've been to various chiropractors over the years for various things and I can tell you for a fact: No two are the same. The best chiropractors I had both graduated from the Palmer school of chiropractic (the original and still considered best). The one chiropractor could look at my back and tell me what kind of bowel problems I'd had that week. And he was right. Anyhow, if you're too worried to go to one, have you tried traction? Where you get a section of a foam swimming pool noodle and lie on the edge of the bed with that under your neck?

Some people are susceptible to migraines, me I get "cluster headaches" (a migraine in more than one area of the head), some get food related headaches (soft cheese for me, chocolate for some....etc.)

Yuck for living in the middle of the tobacco belt. x.x I was so happy to move to a coast where smoking isn't allowed in bars and clubs. Dancing in a smoky room is now almost impossible for me- I have no idea how we used to put up with it.

We've banned smoking in most places in Louisville, but because KY is such a major tobacco producer, we have really silly rules. Smoking is allowed in bars still, and I believe if a restaurant has at least 25% of its income coming from alcohol sales, smoking is allowed in the establishment. Oh, and you can smoke at Churchill Downs. Which is ridiculous. However, the rest of KY is another story. :|

The KY Derby takes place there. I avoid it like the plague.

you know there was actually a proposal for a law in virginia that would have basically banned drinking in bars... ok so off topic, but since were talking about bars and laws...

Smoking isn't allowed in clubs or bars in Cali? Wow, thought that was just NYC. Cool.

I don't blame you. I now avoid smoke with a purple passion. Smoking is enslaving and not cool at all.


10 years ago

I'm a social smoker but it often depends if i'm around other people who do it. I don't have any problem with smoking occasionally and given that I lean libertarian on many issues I do have problems with the government instituting smoking bans which interfere with social contracts. The idea that smoking is gross is fine, I actually never would date a smoker because it is like kissing an ash tray and always make a point to stop if i'm around someone who isn't one. But as far as "why people" smoke for some like myself it's because they enjoy it, I find it relaxing, and I do it occasionally despite knowing the consequences.

That's exactly why I smoke, I enjoy a good quality ciggerete or cigar, sometimes I can smoke a pack in a couple days, sometimes in a week, I haven't had a smoke for more than 4 hours and it doesn't bother me, and I drank enough vodka to kill a small elephant last night, you would definatly thing I would be smoking more the day after.


10 years ago

never smoked nothing. Don't understand why one would want to. I rather spend the $150/month on tastier food, or ... toys.

never smoked nothing.

I'll bet you've smoked a few electrolytics in your time ;)


Pat. Pending

Hey, I love my electronics so much that I gotta have electrical smoke in my lungs at all times.

I smoked my first resistor at age 12, hooked it directly up between two wires and the wires to a spare plug and plugged it into the wall socket trying to make a battery charger....fzzzz POP! I don't recommend doing that......the resister, thankfully acted like a fuse.

Depends what you're smoking.

i quit a few months ago, i just didnt get anything out of it

I smoke mostly in combination with another thing, I still get a "buzz" off smoking.

ah, i used to smoke alot of pot there was a few month period where i would smoke every weekend and get really fucked up and like fall asleep in a park with my friends.

I "fell asleep" on someone's lawn last night of which had to be told to me by my buddy because I just could not seem to remember.

i had sex with a bong in the middle of a park at 4 am hahaha, fell asleep under the swings my friends woke me up by throwing all the water on me.

You had sex with a bong? Now that makes me feel better about passing out on the lawn thing.

sounds like a warning sign to me |:-)

Never have, never will.

It completely defeats understanding as to why any sane person smokes at all. It's expensive, it's smelly and it's poisonous - you end up a stinking, skint corpse.

As well as heart disease, and cancer of the lungs, trachea, throat, mouth, tongue and gums, the toxic components of tobacco smoke have been implicated in cancers of almost every organ of the body. My grandmother smoked for years - when her bladder started to rot with cancer, it took her three years to die, and by the end the spreading cancers had eaten into mot of her body and ruined her mind. An upstanding member of the community, matron of the local hospital, Scrabble and chess demon, died in a pool of senile drool.

And don't give me any of that my uncle Bob smoked sixty a day until he was 90, healthy until the day he died nonsense - Uncle Bob will have been hiding the very real discomfort he felt as his lungs clogged with tar and his heart whithered in his chest.

Think of a cigarette as a line of dice. Every puff is a roll of the dice.

If you come up 6, you get cancer. 4 and 5 are heart disease. You may be lucky and stay under 4 for a few throws, but eventually you'll be unlucky. And yu don't get it once - keep on smoking, see how many other organs you can wreck.

(draws deep breath, calms down.)

LOL--I have an uncle Bob, and he's 84, been smoking since 1942...he looks pickled, like elephant skin.

I'm an ex-smoker, and can understand the attraction and addiction.

The wife and I both smoked for the first two years of marriage, and quit together. If we hadn't both quit, I don't think it would have worked. I sure hope the anti-cancer genes of uncle Bob keep the bad stuff away later in life (former smoker's risk of cancer remains somewhat higher, even if you quit.)

It's not just the cancer risk that motivated me to quit--I like to do active stuff, and smoking was making that impossible.

It's not just the cancer risk that motivated me to quit--I like to do active stuff, and smoking was making that impossible.

Yes, and I have this inherent fear of suffocation, and I felt like I was slowly suffocating myself to death.....and then I saw the first of three people, at that time, die of emphysema of my family and friends.....and that did it for me! I wasn't about to CHOOSE to suffocate to death....

My aunt has emphysema. Yet she won't stop smoking. She's hooked up to an oxygen tank for most of the days, and smokes cigarettes whenever she's not on the oxygen. She swears that it doesn't matter and that she won't get any better anyway, but I keep asking her if that's really logical. If you're diagnosed with something, wouldn't you want to delay the symptoms and dull the pain? Why would you continue with your bad habits and end up on the fast track to a (not so) slow but painful death? Wouldn't you want to continue on with your life with the least amount of pain and trouble possible? I don't understand it. It's along the same lines as the argument that I get all the time about drinking, smoking and drugs - "Well, there's nothing else to do around here!"

Jessy, be thankful you don't understand the addictive component of smoking (or drugs, drinking, gaming, etc.) It's the part that defies logic. Arguments become a way to rationalize behavior, not to explain it.

Pot isn't nearly as bad as smoking ciggeretes, it'd be better if everyone smoked that not ciggeretes :p


Smoking pot carries all the hazards of smoking tobacco, plus a generous selection of permanent mental problems, such as short-term memory-loss, paranoia (I know, I've seen it).

Most of the chemicals that cause the (cancerous) harm are not put into the cigarette, they are the result of incomplete combustion of organic matter, so it wouldn't be safe even if you were smoking rose petals, but it is worse when the plant material is resinous - an individual joint is several times more carcinogenic than a single cigarette. If I recall correctly, the research shows that two or three joints will do the same damage as a whole pack of tobacco cigarettes.

What about medical marijuana? It's legal in California (Which is totally ridiculous). Stupid California.

Yes, as Kiteman says, it is like any prescribed medication, you weigh the side effects against the benefits and decide from there.

I don't know why they haven't extracted the beneficial substances and made them available in a form with a more controlled dose, such as an inhaler.

To my shame, several years ago I did some work for a company that prints the paper that goes around the filters of a several high-profile cigarette brands. I found out that "low tar" cigarettes have exactly the same tobacco as full tar cigarettes - the difference was the filters.

The company drilled tiny holes around the paper. These matched with channels running between the paper and the actual filter. When put in a smoking machine, these channels allowed fresh air to mix with the smoke, lowering the amount of tar "inhaled" by the machine.

However, when humans smoke the low tar varieties, their fingers cover the holes and saliva dampens the paper which blocks the channels. Result: just as much tar as the "normal" cigarettes.

Put it this way, the one time someone borrowed a Now cigarette from me, they said it was like smoking air....they were pretty mild, however they did this.

I suppose that's a balance - the (alleged) benefits to MS sufferers vs the known damage.

Breathing carbon particles into lungs that are supposed to transfer gaseous O2 in place of waste CO2 can not be good in any case.

Plus, you are also breathing in carbon monoxide from the same incomplete combustion that produces the carcinogens. CO binds more strongly with haemoglobin than O2 does, cutting down the amount of oxygen the blood can carry, forcing the body to pump blood faster - this puts an extra strain on the heart and contributing to breathlessness.

The CO intake also damages unborn babies - there is a direct correlation between the number of cigarettes smoked by pregnant women and the amount the baby is underweight when born.

Makes sense , our health teacher told us that it is more of the other chemicals they put into the ciggarettes that make them harmful rather than the tobacco leaves themselves. So when you buy pot, it's usually just pot leaves and nothing else (assuming you roll your own joints and/or grow your own).

The other chemicals cause most physical damage to the lungs and other parts of the body while the nicotine influences the brain to take in more ciggarettes , which is why people continue to smoke even when they know that it is unhealthful for their body.

BTW- I just stumbled across this video in youtube.


Any smokers here who feel like trying to do this experiment, can you tell me if you got the same results?

I wonder how the results would be like for pot instead of ciggertes.