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Who in the Denver area wants to build a bike couch? Answered

You might've seen the CouchBike online before, a great contraption made in Canada a few years ago. Well, I would like to build something similar in the Denver area, maybe for bicycle cruise nights or parades, or just for fun.

I don't have all the resources available to build something like this, but it's possible that we could get a group together at the Derailer Bicycle Collective or other bike shops around the city and build something cool.

I have a lot of ideas on how we could build it, from a light-weight "road bike" to a heavy-duty off-roader. If we get a few people collaborating and contributing to this project, it should go a lot quicker.


I am building one. Now. I don't live in Denver, but in Portland, OR. Did you have any plans or ideas that I could pick your brain for?

LOLROTF-ingenious! You guys must be a lot of fun. Keep on creating, your fans want more!

nice well id do it but im in fort Collins but if next year you want to come to tour de fat

Best contact your local cycling shops or cycling groups and ask if you can put up a notice on their bulletin board or speak at the next meeting. Be prepared to offer as much in the way of tools and expertise as you have... I'm sure there are things you're missing, so your goal is to find people with the time and things you need but who also need what you have.

Would love to, alas I am not in Denver (Phoenix). Regardless, if you do build one, make it an Instructable!