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Who is doing Burning Questions? Answered

The new contest is finally up. I just want to know who's doing what 'Ible so as not to get too confused over everything. (and to avoid stealing *shifty eyes*) Yes I am aware there is an Instructible on it where discussion is already underway, but I think the forum should know about it too.

Of course I've also used this to shamelessly promote my new (and the first) Burning Questions 4 'Ible: How to slim up for summer: The Atkins Diet!


Just some of the photos. I can't wait to start working on it :D


Her name is Mazee, those were her younger years. She's six now. Here's a more recent photo. Lol, I 'spect most of you have already seen it ;)

what do you mean rally, was she playing tennis? hah! the jokes on you now!

Stooopid homework! I hope no-one makes an instructable before I do. I will start tomorrow, because I have to study for two tests today.

I hate homework!!!!! My dad is telling me to do it right now.... Ugh

yes..... she was playing tennis... in my mind. HAH! i brought that joke BACK ON YOU! CUZ I WAS DOING IT ON PURPOSE!

im probably gonna do the bully one...


Kicking in general is a bad thing inless you are like a karate master or really fast. It is easy to counter and make you look like an idiot (they could grab your foot and like drag you or something, i dunno, that's what I'd do ;)

Hehe any of the guys I kick are too slow to grab my feet...

LOL I usually kick one guy because he calls me a Hobbit because I'm short and one day he was being especially rude so I had to kick him and he ended up on the floor :D

If you have grabbed a foot, might as well give it a quick twist (if it is one of those "do or die" fights), ankles are easily dislocated or broken. . . but you didn't hear it from me :-)

what if it's a girl vs. girl fight?

I'm about halfway through doing teambuilding excercises. I can also do how to blow smoke rings, the photos will be a nuisance though, I have to find somewhere dark walled but still inside my new-ish house with its cream walls...

I'm halfway through Pimple Poping, and I'd be happy to collaborate on the combat-related questions

Just be careful; too hard a squeeze CAN cause a reversal injury and subsequent infection...

Pfft, squishing is for ametuers, I lance 'em

Most of the time I end up 'shaving them off' LOL (not on purpose) Depending on size, sometimes my face looks like it had a round with a nasty gang of leeches :-) Teenage Mutant Ninja Leeches....sounds nastier then turtles LOL

I did that this morning... Not fun. Luckily it was a really small one on my jaw. Thing bled like crazy though...

im not sure if i am gonna do the bully one...

I did the Alternative ways to tie shoes.

It's not new, there's like a million Ibles already posted for it.

I've got up one myself, How to Get Rid of Ants. Check eet owwttt.

I don't understand. That's not a new burning question. Have you looked at the frontpage lately?

This is like the fourth round of burning questions, personally, I think instructables should just get a 'script from their doctor and that will clear up the burning.

I added it a while ago, it was a burning question, but someone beat me to it =[

I'm half way through "How to make your cat purr". It's gonna be Purr-fect-o!!!

oh no you don't ehh I'm too lazy I'm petting my car right now (she's taking up half of my computer chair :( I keep on getting shocked whenever I touch her ear when I start a new pet...

why are you petting a car? and why is it inside? and why does it have ears? and why does in only take up half of the computer chair!!!!

that takes care of one question, but why doe he have his car in his office, and he's petting it, and it has =EARS=

The car is inside because he doesn't want it to get stolen and the ears are a security device.

no, its because he doesnt want to get road salt on it. the ears are the wi-fi antennas

awww..... that makes it no fun.... cute kitty, though