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Who is in Denial of their Color Blindness? Answered

So apparently, I was never actually tested for this as child.... It's only recently that I've discovered this too o.0

Test for Color Blindness

Personally, I have issues with reds. Show me two shades of red, right next to each other... And I won't be able to tell the difference.... On the "5" plate closer to the bottom of the page, I first saw an "S" :/

If you didn't read it --- if you're a male, you're more likely to be color blind than your female counterpart....


One of my bro is color blind too. He can't make the difference between red and green. He knows he is color blind since he is 8 years old ... and he does not really care about ... How do you feel about that, now that you know ? Was it like a "revelation" when you discovered it ? (you understood a lot of "unexplained" things that happened all along your life) Do you find it unfair ?

I find it unfair, because I wanted to become an electrician, but if you are red-green colourblind then they assume you cannot tell the difference between wire colours. You also get excluded from being an airline pilot, I believe.

I don't like dredging up ancient topics, but I like to clarify things like this.

When I went to get my medical certificate for my private pilot's license, I didn't pass the colorblindness test with flying colors (HA!), and discovered that I am slightly red-green colorblind. Slightly to the point of having gone 16 years without noticing or having ever had problems with colors. I got my medical, but was restricted from flying at night or under light gun control. Before my checkride I went to the Flight Standards District Office in Wichita to see about getting the restrictions lifted. They had me stand at certain differences from the control tower and identify the red, green, and white lights they were flashing at me, then go inside and point out the different-colored markings on an aviation map. When I got them all correct, they issued me a revised third-class medical with no restrictions. As I understood it, if I wanted to get a second-class or first class medical, required for commercial and airline flying, respectively, I'd have more complex tests.

Basically, they don't want pilots who might misidentify a light signal, misread a map, or think that an airplane isn't headed toward them by confusing the red and green wingtip lights. They're checking to make sure you can be a safe pilot. As long as you're safe, they'll let you go.

I was at school and we were learning about computer tech as a completer program and we had to make modem wires, which have like 6 or 7 different colors, including red and green. one of the guys who was teaching us wasentirely colorblind, and he did it. (he needed to ask for help) so, you could still be an electrician, you might just need some help.

You also get excluded from being an airline pilot, I believe.

I saw that on "Little Miss Sunshine".

Unless they specify that you must have full color vision to be an electrician, get some glasses with a red tint to them. The red wire will look more white, the green wire will look darker. Most of the time the colors are black, white and uninsulated anyway. I'm guessing they won't let you do this to become a pilot, but electricians are seldom called on to make split second decisions of how many wires they can put in a junction box.

This is a serious question: Does Christmas time give him more trouble than usual, because of the reds and greens everywhere? Or does he distinguish between tints and shades??

Has anybody got any ideas on how I can identify resistors with my colourblindness?

Surface mount resistors have the values in text...


I had an electronic's partner that had to check each resistor for its value as he couldn't read their colour bands (it really was a chore for him)...

I'm not colour blind but colour inconsistent. My eyes see reds and greens differently to each other... my left eye sees bright greens and dull reds... and my right eye bright reds and dull greens... not sure what would cause that... but it makes me wonder which one is closest to what others see???

My colour-vision is perfect, acing both the Ishihara and hundred hue tests with ease. I had to have good colour vision, since part of my job in the paper mill was mixing batches of dye to bring various mixes of recycled paper to the same target shade.

Unfortunately, my father-in-law is colour-blind, and both our boys inherited colour-blindness from him. As an engineer and then technology teacher, he has trouble telling brass and copper apart.

We realised the boys were colour-blind after upsets at school one autumn - there were problems putting away the brown and orange pencils in the correct boxes. It doesn't cause them any real problems in life.

Sooo... three seconds of fun over... and I'm still not colorblind.

Ever since my first eye test (driver's test) I have known I am slightly color blind. I could name the colors, but could not always see the hidden numbers in the color dot projections.

See that's the thing about naming colors.... I imagine that in some cases, we accept the world as we first see it. So if blue looks like blue to person A but person A would see person B's blue as purple.... Person B will still be able to identify blue. (unless, possibly, both blue and purple are present) Now take the square root of person C and add 41 :p

That is true of naming colors and such, and since I don't "interpret" red / green properly, I am seeing what I am accustomed to. But in the tests, I could pick out green and red, and blue etc. Just not see them clearly enough to always be able to differentiate when they were close together. When mingled amongst themselves, they look too similar. They passed me since I could see most of them (all but one actually). But the examiner had never come across this before it seems.....3 times he had me name the colors when in separate bands, and I could do that. He was quite perplexed. :-) It has caused a few "discussions" between my wife and I about what is "red" and what is "orange". And it plays havoc on my seeing the red/orange color bands on resistors *sigh*. Havoc ? I has given me many a headache, really.

I, like many men, am red-green colourblind. I can't see the numbers in the red and green patterns. I also have troubles with dark colours.

My eyes are sooo F****** good