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Who is the real Adrian Monk ? Answered

Who is the real Adrian Monk Rumor has it she is really Hanna Montana, AKA Miley Cyrus.

And does she need a hat after a photo spread like the last one ??
And does disliking the Simpson's warrant a lynch mob style tarring and feathering ??



9 years ago

Hmmmmm... I could guess things about her which could narrow it down, but that would make me a stalker... I guess I could guess a few things from memory.

She's15-20 years old and lives with her family, lives in either the eastern or central time zones, probably in the south (hence y'all) or her parents grew up in the south, is a right side of the brain person (creative), is a USA'oholic (monk) along with an Instructaholic (avid poster).

If I attempted to be a stalker I could add more but this is simply with eidetic memory. I am not a stalker, I simply have an extremely good memory, especially when I multitask. When I multitask, I am able to link memories together so if I remember one thing, I remember something that happened at the same time. So don't flame me, unless you are adrian.

Pft, I know all of this + Hair color Height Eye color :p

So I suppose you know her name too.

good, you are not a stalker.

well that's one of us eliminated...

Partial eidetic memory, I though I explained this a while back, oh wait that was just to Adrian and I think Goodhart, do I really need to explain it to you?

I do remember reading something about brown eyes...

I remember that, it is on the blue eyed people are mutants forum.

Your interesting inferences intrigue me. Aside from confirming I an indeed addicted to USA and instructables, I make no comment as to how correct or incorrect they may be.

c'mon did I get them right? (via teh PM's)

I have proof on all of these things, I just need to dig up from my memory where the proof is.


I wouldn't think that, I hate hannah montana, anyways...

Aw, she's a cute kid. COuldn't you just wear earplugs?

you wouldn't think so after you see the stuff she tried to do... someday, she'll be a failed actress drugee, like like lindsey lohan...

Argh! D**n you, bumpus! This is one of the questions I missed on the quiz! D**n you, d**n you all to hell!

Hahaha, I do love the self-seeded rumors of which celebrity I may be...

Charlton Heston, well, okay, but please, please don't turn out to be Tony Shaloub!

Actually, if she has to be a man, I'd prefer Tony Shaloub! Heston's deceased at the moment anyway. I bet he comes back as a crazy gun-toting zombie, though, and he and Ted Nugent team up.

Charlton Heston and Ted Nugent? Throw Chuck Norris into that ring, talk about wicked crazy!

Jackie Chan is just too cute! Steven Seagal, on the other hand, is a disgusting steroid lump of a man. Therefore, he qualifies always for the tough guy bit.

Yah, but Chan can kick all the afore mentioned people's buts in to the next dimension...

>Actually, if she has to be a man, I'd prefer Tony Shaloub! That is the single weirdest sentence you have ever said...by far...

Hahaha...no worries...though I sure did confuse some people when I first joined, I had a picture of him as my avatar, so people who had never seen the show assumed this was my real name and that was an actual picture of me. =O

People sure do treat you different, depending on who they think you are on the internet... :D

Did you know you are featured today in an iblish kind of way on the home page?

Get your hairy fist away from me you smelly ape!

miley cyrus has been doing not-so-holy things...

she's still young now, doing small things, but she'll be like all those other celebs...

but that's just me...

Do celebs have to be better than everyone else?

they usually aren't, iamo.

they're just more famous, i guess...

yeah, same... the world doesn't need another bad celebrity...

WOW that was wierd on sooo many levels. Its ok if your young or a woman, but if you are an older gentleman it makes you sound like a perv.

Men can say cute, but to smaller children "Aww her new baby is cute" "her two year old did a somersalt, thats cute" but when a grown man (yet to be determined if said person is a man or a woman) says to a 15 year old girl that she is a cute kid, that may be misinterpreted.

1 Skunkbait is a regular here, and according to his profile, he is a bloke 2 I feel that that would be pretty normal. I mean if something is cute, its cute 3 There are girls older than me that I've called cute 4 If you think people calling each other cute is weird, than you don't want to know what Jessyratfink dressed as for Halloween...

THanks Chicken. You're right. Cute is cute. There are a lot of ways to describe outward-attractiveness, but I think of the word "cute" as pretty and innocent. And yes, Jessy's costume was cute.