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Who is the best knexer? Answered

I wanna know who you think it is, your opinion entirely.


Anyone who cares whether someone is better or worse at a basic creativity toy.

Yup, the people who use and play with that basic plastic toy. Btw, Knex is not a "toy" in our minds. It is a constructive material mainly used to make lethal weapons in our case. I don't understand why there is so much Knex hate. What is wrong with people?

Ahem, no one seems to have said KILLERK or oodalumps. Anybody even awake?


8 years ago

I am clearly the best by far.............JUST KIDDING!!!!!!
SM39 prolly.

Not me because  admited that and i cant spell admited

MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Ok, im joking but maybe I_a_C or Darth Trainman

 Well of course, you!

There are three possible answers, 1: Your personal opinion 2:what you want to hear 3: What the community think Take your pick!

Clearly, the answer is yerjoking.

Hehe, I would give you the best answer just for that comment, sadly I cannot.

It would have to be an original comment, and not a reply. It has something to do with the sticky rules I think.

Yup. This topic is due to die soon, I'ma delete sometime methinks.

So this was clearly a self-promotion/spammy type thing. Out of all the people to post this, I would never think it was you...


Also how was it self promoting? Kelsey said me, I selected it as the best answer. I can do what I want, it's my question, #1 rule is I always win.

Kelsey was being sarcastic. He was saying "Clearly the answer is yer joking". As in "You're joking".

I was being sarcastic, but not in the way you think. Look at the URL (in your browser's address bar) to see the question which yerjoking originally posted.

OHHHH, I get it. I saw this after he changed the title, so I did not know what he did.

This has been recitified, and your duplicitous behaviour is trivially revealed by comparing the URL with the question text.

Who says this wasn't a joke? You weren't here when that comment was posted, were you? :P

I find it a rather clever joke. While you were mindlessly fooling around in yours he actually came up with a nice little scheme. Anyone who had half a thought and a decent knowledge of yerjoking would know that he'd most likely change the topic title and select best answer as soon as they answered him. Now I can't blame the person for not knowing Dylan but really you'd have to think about that before posting.

Well, I first saw this question AFTER he changed the title. I did not know he originally posted this as a different question.

Done, but I don't think that. I was saying that a lot of the Kiers would say that.

Evil person............ You changed it from who is the worst to who is the best!

The question was originally "Who is the worst knexer?" I said it was probably someone who thinks block triggers are good. And that all of your haters would say it was you...


nah, on second thoughts i'm the worst.

Lol wow, Dyl, congragulations. Clearly you are the best Knexer.