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Who is this character ? Answered

My Dad bought this bottle along with a small Wild Turkey Bottle it says its Tauicå which upon my research it seems to be a 
Țuică - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...Țuică (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈt͡sujkə]; sometimes spelled tuica, tzuika, tsuika, tsuica, or tzuica) is a traditional Romanian spirit that contains 45%-60% alcohol by volume (usually 52%). It is usually made from fruits.

Although all of this information is great but what or who is the character on the top of the bottle that you will see in the photo:
this is all I could find on this dude and this maybe wrong: Vlad The Impaler which like the 1st Vampire you can do a search on 
Google and see that indeed he looks like the dude on top of the bottle. The burning question is HOW MUCH IS THIS WORTH
if anything please if someone knows contact me ASAP

Thanks Mike



5 years ago

Hi,first, sorry to disappoint you but as far as I know this bottle of tzuica is not worth very much, I think it may be worth around 30 bucks.
As for the puppet, yes it represents a weird form of Vlad the impaler aka Dracula but no, he wasn't a vampire nor was he a cruel bloodthirsty man. Vlad was actually a very good and patriotic king for Romania, he impaled every thief, criminal, traitor to replace the chaos made by invading turks and evil nobleman with order and safety.


5 years ago

I'm not seeing a picture here, and I suspect you'll have some trouble getting much help without one.