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Who knows how to severely distress vinyl? Answered

I want to distress some vinyl to the point that it's all gnarly and cracked. Think '78 LeSabre top that's been sitting out in the weather for 30 years.  I imagine it'll require some alternating moisture and heat, but I'm hoping somebody out there might have some tips.  I've recently discovered "crackling medium" (have never actually used it though), but it seems to be too "low-profile".  I want texture!  Fissures and blades sticking up, pieces flaking off as it rolls down the highway.  You know, that sort of thing.

The attached picture is exactly what I'm trying to replicate.



Some of that is texturing of the vinyl when it was originally applied. There's some embedded dirt (wipe on dye or paint, wipe it off again, what stays in the corners of the texture simulates dirt), There's some general staining.. There might be some solar bleaching. Can't advise you re cracks, though I suspect something could be done with heat -- but be careful not to overdo, or to ignite.

Or you could just call it nasty names. That'll distress it.


7 years ago

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