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Who likes Leathermans? Answered

Who likes leathermans, I just think that they are too flimsy. I have a schrade tool, it seems way more solid then my leatherman.


All of the arguments about Leathermans being flimsy have long ago evaporated. I LOVE my Leatherman Skeletool. One handed knife opening, locks solid, no need to goof around with opening it all up for the most used (knife) and second most used items (BOTTLE OPENER!!). The blade is excellent, holds a very sharp, very tough edge.

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of course there is always the MUT for gun enthusiasts:

Your right, they are flimsy... but very sharp. I would venture to say I like them, but Gerber's my favorite.

I love mine. As Cameron pointed out, they're not meant heavy duty work, no multi tool is, but it comes in handy all the time.

I have the electrical squirt for over a year, works great, complaints: the spring for the pliear/wirecutter/stripper could be a bit better, mine has weakened over the year and i kinda have to push it open, but best tool I ever spent 40 bucks on. As good as a 40 dollar wire stripper, comes with a handy knife, a fit everything screwdriver (well, almost), that's mainly what I use mine for, stripper, cutter, screwdriver, knife

I have one of these, it is ok, and handy, but still a little flimsy for what I do with it.

I have one of these

Things like car work require real tools. Complaining that a Squirt is too small to torque down a lug nut is like complaining that a scalpel is too small to cut down a tree.

well, small bolts, screws, and other things that require pliers, and a knife.

>Smugness< I have a Leatherman engraved with the Instructables logo and my username. It has hardly left my person for two years.

I have a juice, and it is the sturdiest thing that I have had. I have sawed a thick root from out of my yard. Dropped it from the roof. Still alive. The scissors are a little bit questionable though. They seem to be just an add on for the sake of an add on.

I haven't had a juice yet, but all other ones that I have used, or had were flimsy. p.s. The scissors are always questionable.

The scissors are awesome, I use them frequently when fishing, just the thing for trimming line.

I don't currently own a Leatherman, I intend to own one. for know I suffice with carrying a tiny imitation and a matching lockback.

I think with all brands it varies alot, some models are really well built, some are not. I have never used a specific brand, i tend to pick up cheap no brand ones.