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Who likes this and did i pay a good price? Answered

Who likes this i payed $25 with tax its etched on an old core 2 duo did i get ripped off is it cool? i plan on turning it into a necklace.


$25 is a fair price for that area of laser etching. A full laptop should be around $100.

Do I think it's sorta cute? Sure. If it was a trophy for winning an Instructables contest, I might display it. Would I pay $25 for it? No. __Maybe__ a tenth of that, shipping included. (ie, if you're hoping to start a business I don't think this will fly very well.)

Did you pay for the etching, or was it already etched?

i payed for the etching but i had the plain processer


8 years ago

I think it's cute. But I don't know if I'd pay $25, well yeah I guess$25 is a decent price for a necklace charm...

a bit of a wast of time but still worth the adds for the site but again this will not be seen if used in the computer so a wast + rip of unless its broken and ment for using as a neckless