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Who thinks we should have an Instructables app? Answered

I think we should make an Instructables app, so you could browse 'ibles on the go!


There is an app for android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.akasoft.instructables

That app was not created by Instructables, please be advised. Also, the app you link to is just a port of the existing mobile site.

I want either a full featured mobile instructables site where you could make ibles maybe upload pics from iPod camera roll. Publishing. All this would be awesome to be able to do with a mobile site especially cause on an iPod touch screen you always have to zoom and things like that.

There's a mobile site currently under development, I got to test it while I was an artist in residence at Instructables HQ in Feb/Mar.

It looks awesome, I tried it out on an iPad and on my android smartphone and it's nice and easy to use, all the links are nice and big and easy to click and the navigation of Instructables and categories is pretty slick; Ubi's done a really nice job of it.

I can't speak for when it'll be ready since I'm not at HQ anymore, but perhaps someone that's there can chime in with a likely date that it'll be released as well as some screen shots.

And here's a couple of screenshots: (from my PC not a mobile device)

I know what HMice is trying to say. Instructables has a lot of content kind of like say Amazon and EBay, who both have apps (I know selling sites) I'm just using it as a comparison in the amount of content. I have an iPad and everything looks small and bunched up, even if you make it larger it still feels combursome. Hay you could have an app building contest! Don't know the prize but I bet you'd get a pretty cool app out of it!

You are awesome with words, that's exactly what I was trying to say!!!!

LOL, You're welcome ;-)

What would you want the app to do?

Maybe just be a simpler way of logging into safari and going to instructables.com. Basically just the website, but easier

When I'm in a wifi hotspot, I just use the site as "normal" on my iPod.

If you want the whole site as an app, that's upwards of 60,000 projects, all image-heavy.

Some newspaper apps just upload the latest stories whenever they can contact the internet, and delete the old ones - maybe you'd want an app that automatically downloads the last 10 or 20 projects in each category? Or that downloads projects by members you are following?

Uh.. I'm not quite sure but that sounds pretty good.

Maybe, we don't really NEED one but it would be nice to look at the ijnstructable while making it.

My home wifi reaches as far as The Shed, so I can use my netbook or iPod Touch out there.

Otherwise, I download the PDF, and refer to that (with or without printing it, as required).

I dont carry anything that uses apps so an instructables app would be totally pointless for me... I would rather something to block all the spam :P