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Who wants to be on a Game Show? Answered

I was just sent this link by a friend: Discovery Science Game Show Here is a brief description of the game show:

Producers for a Discovery Science Game show are looking for contestants. Contestants can be a gonzo engineer/scientist or just a high-energy, creative, fun, builder!

They are looking for garage warriors (builders, scientists, inventors, engineers, carpenters, welders, mechanics, architects, etc...) who love to invent new gadgets, build robots, racing power tools, weld together bizarre machines that drive, fly, climb, shoot flames or launch projectiles.

This Game Show is for thinkers, dreamers and doers, who are eager to let their inner MacGyvers be seen and ready to collaborate with a team of other builders.

It looks like it was made just for our kind!! Now, who is going to try to get a spot on this show? If you do, be sure to let us all know!


I always wanted to be on Double Dare

*sigh* that is blocked here at work - darn it all....


9 years ago

LOL! That's cool.

Casting will take place in LA but Producer's will consider contestants from other states if they are the right fit. - other countries would be nice...