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Who wins? Answered

Well, me and knexsuspensionmaster had a little friendly contest to see who could make a better car! So, I need your opinion, so go check out his knex vehicle, and my Vexion!

Knexsuspensionmaster's vehicle!
This is based upon performance, durability and looks.

Seleziona: 8 votes
Knexsuspensionmaster96: 2 votes


THE SEXY VEXION!!!!!!!!!!!!

You misspelled Chuck's name, expect a roundhouse kick in your future.


Btw: thanks for my 3500th comment!

Ah, but the world population is more than 6 billion.  So there are a few million people that do care. 

I like the Vexion better.


Okay, how about we end this and say who won?
I think it's me....

dude you never know, and chuck  norris is still up there.

ya he was, when i posted my last comment. and lol to welcome to nobody cares population 6 billion XDXDXDXDXD

i wanna make that my main image but it would get boring after a while, and the offspring rule, so they stay.

what?! i thaught i was taking my order at Wendies!

Chuck  Norris FTW!!!!!!!