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Who/how Build a EMP to destroye a human Chip implantat? Answered

I Need somebody who can build a EMP or rfid Killer to deactivate a human Chip implantat. I live in Germany. It don t have to be dangerouse for my live if it deactivate my Chip. And it don t have to damage other Things. Only my Personal Radius. I would Pay much for it if someone would safety do this for me. 


i am looking for someone on the west coast to help me build a emp, pref in california, nevada


2 years ago

the device i mentioned will kill nano tech and anything else electronic in a controlled area. please only use it on self. not your neighbors car o.k. lol. by the way does work on neighbors car. lol

would that take care of a copper looking thing in my foot that might be a tracker?


5 years ago

I would like to have a very small emp device. I am willing to pay for all the expenses. Please let me know if someone can help.

Like many of my fellow answerers, I also suspect that you are suffering from some sort of paranoid delusion. Finding someone to talk to, who you can trust, in real life, I think would be most helpful to you.

But you are probably tired of people telling you that you are crazy, so just to be a good sport, I am going to play along and do my best to try to explain how EMP devices are constructed. 

EMP falls under the rubric of pulsed power,
and the game with pulsed power is to store up some quantity of energy, and then release it quickly, so that you get large instantaneous power.

The usual trick for storing the energy is a large capacitor, or a network (e.g. parallel, series, etc) of several large capacitors called a "capacitor bank".

In fact, that phrase "capacitor bank" is used a lot in relation to pulsed power, and it is a useful search phrase.  For example, I can search for instructables that use that phrase,


Then the usual trick for releasing that stored electrical energy is to quickly, connect the capacitor bank to a coil of wire, an inductor,
and then you get a big pulse of current flowing through the coil.  The current produces a large pulsed magnetic field, and with some hand waving,
that is basically your EMP right there.

Camera Flash Circuits

Another interesting thing to notice is that homemade pulsed power and homemade EMP devices, often make use of capacitors, and capactor-charging circuits, removed from old camera flash circuits. 
For example the device built, from a camera flash, in this YouTube video *claims* to be able to break a RFID chip.  In the video, he or she drives a magnetic pulse into some kind of RFID card.

Building a RFID Zapper - Hacking a Disposable Camera

Obviously, to actually test whether this device works would require an RFID-reader, in order to test if the RFID card works, or does not work, after being hit with the pulse.

Physical effects: disc lauchers, can crushers, etc

Strong magnetic pulses cause some interesting physical effects, especially in pieces of metal like copper and aluminum that are good conductors of electricity.  The disc launcher, also ring launcher,toys are essentially a demonstration of Lenz's law.
The physics of the magnetic can crusher is a little stranger, something called a "magnetic pinch".

More YouTube videos

While searching YouTube for videos of magnetic disc launchers, I discovered this author:

and the interesting thing about his videos is that in one of them he is using one of these magnetic pulsers to launch aluminum hard drive platters,

2KV Washer Launcher

 and in another he is putting a magnetic pulser on his shoulder, and he is telling the audience that this is therapeutic; i.e. it is actually helping to relieve some kind of pain that he has in his shoulder.

Bob Beck Super Thumper in Operation

Seriously,  I didn't see that one coming.  I have no idea if there is any truth to this, or if it is even safe, or just placebo effect, or what?  I don't have the answers to those questions, but obviously a search on the phrase "Bob Beck", together with words like "magnetic" and  "thumper", will turn up more of the same.

Back to the subject of you and this chip that believe to be in your head.  Do you really think it is a good idea to stick one of these magnetic thumper things on your dome?  I'm not a doctor, but if I were I think the Hippocratic Oath would prohibit me from recommending such a thing, because I'm not sure it's safe.

Moreover I think it is very unlikely anyone implanted anything in your head, for the reasons other answers have stated: brain surgery is expensive and risky, and just a really, really weird, and unlikely thing for one person to do to another without his or her consent.

Would you be so lovely and Build me one harmful one which only deactivate the Chip and is not dangerouse for my Life. I would Pay you.

I am going to respectfully decline this offer.

Besides, I think that first YouTube video was pretty easy to follow. This one:
Building a RFID Zapper - Hacking a Disposable Camera

If you really need someone to build some thing for you, I suggest you find some friends among your local hackers and makers.

One way to find these people is via a list like this one:
The list of Hacker Spaces, in Germany, is here:

These places usually have regular meetings, and workshops, that are open to the public.  I am hopeful you can find one of these places near where you live.  These meetings tend to be in big cites, where there are enough people to be interested.

Actually, where I live, in the Former United States, is kind of out in the middle of nowhere. I have always wanted to go to one of these Hacker Space meetings, but the nearest one is in Albuquerque, and that's several hundred miles... it would take hours of driving to get there and come back.

Anyway, I think if you could find some hacker friends, that would be helpful.

The final piece of advice I have for you is:  do not immediately tell people you think someone has implanted a chip in your head.  The reason for this is because a story like that sounds crazy, and it is more difficult to make friends when people think you are crazy.

I think a good story would be that you have some kind of chronic neck pain or shoulder pain, and you want to build the "Bob Beck" electromagnetic thumper, because you read about it, or saw it on YouTube, and you think this device might help you.

Another good story is that you just want to be able to destroy RFID tags, like the kind some companies put in their products, or that governments put in passports, just because you see this kind of tracking as a loss of anonymity and freedom.

Just do not immediately tell people you have a chip that was secretly implanted in your head, because they will not believe you, and basically you'll just get the same reaction that you got from this forum.   There will be true concern, but mostly people will think you need professional mental help.

However, just having friends that will listen to you, this is a form of mental help too.  But like I was saying, you kind of really, really, want to get to know somebody before you tell him or her anything, you know, crazy.

I don't know if that makes sense.  Talking to people can be weird; i.e what you chose to tell, what to not tell.  I mean how do talk about something if you can't talk about it? Right? Well, you start with the easy topics, and maybe move to the more difficult ones later,  after you've established trust, and that can take months, years sometimes.

Anyway, I hope some part of what I have written is helpful to you.

Thank you for you Good Suggestiones it is very friendly from you. I think you advices will help me.

Human chip implants are still rare. To give you more help, we need to know:

Where in your body is the chip?
How long has it been there?
How was it inserted?
How deep is it?
Why have you had an RFID chip implanted?
Why do you need it disabled?
What sort of data is it linked to?

I were chiped in the brain. I one Day meet a wrong Person who is in a religiöse Groupe and he did this to me. This Chip is very dangerouse for me. That is why my only Way it is to remove it. I am a 28 years Old normal Woman who is only a victim of this Technologie.

OK, next question:

How do you know that you have the chip? Inserting electronic devices into the brain is not unknown, but involves a major medical procedure.

If you did not spend a significant amount of time in hospital, having the implant under full anaesthetic and recovering from the surgery, there is the strong possibility that you have been the victim of a cruel hoax.

What adds to my suspicion is the nature of the person you think did it. Legitimate religions do not indulge in major brain surgery, so there is the possibility that somebody is trying to trick you into staying with a cult.

Now a days also religiöse groups do duch Things. I know it for 100 per Cent.

Seriously see a doctor. What Kiteman is saying is if there is a chip in your brain you would likely have died from the procedure.

Exactly that is why my only fast Chance only would be an EMP or a rfid Killer i everything Else try.

Pay attention:

You are not dead, therefore nobody has secretly injected a device into your brain.

"Going through your ear" does not make it safer or less painful. You will be deaf in that ear, and there will be *more* damage to your brain (look at a diagram of the structure of your brain).

Be honest with yourself - you are deluded in this matter. Either you have deluded yourself, and need medical help, or somebody has done this to you, in which case you need legal help.

What do you mean by 'human Chip implantat'? Did you get an ID chip like cats/dogs at the veterinarian?

> I live in Germany.

That's not too unusual. About 80 million people do. And none of the Germans I ever met mentioned that they got a chip implanted.

Okay, I just saw the other comment threads. ... Go, see a doctor. One for mental health problems. If you can convince that doctor, get your head scanned by MRI or similar. And then just go to the media. BILD Zeitung, Spiegel, Stern, Focus or directly to the TV - RTL, SAT1. They will a story out of finding this 'religiöse Gruppe'. Can't wait to see it in the media.

Well, now I read all the other replies.
See a mental health doctor.
Forget about the MRI.

  • When was the last time you had a contact with this religious group?
  • Why do you think they implanted this chip in your brain?
  • What do they want from you?
  • Do you know of anyone else with chips in their brains?
  • Did you visit a doctor's office after the chip was implanted?
  • Did you tell your family or anyone else about your chip?
  • If you told your family and friends about this chip, what did they tell you?

Get it removed surgically and stop mes
sing around it wasn't inserted by aliens so you were part“ of the process

It can not remove by a Operation cause the Chip is so small in my brain that you can t See it by a MRI or x-Ray.

Technical point - if it is too small to see with an X-Ray or MRI, then it is not an RFID chip, and you are thus safe from information being sent into, or taken from, your brain. They need to be a certain size (several millimetres) to pick up or broadcast radio signals.

If you have had an MRI, then the chip is dead anyway - the intense magnetic field of the MRI will easily kill a fragile chip.

The Chip is After my mri also not remove. Now a days this Chips are nano Chips which you can get with a Injektion while you are sleeping. I only search for Someone who can build me a device to remove the Chip.

Reality check:
  • If the chip is in your brain, it was not injected.
  • If the chip was injected, it cannot be in your brain.
  • If the chip is real, it is NOT "nano". The basic physics mean that a chip that size is physically incapable of dealing with radio signals in any way.
  • If "they" did it while you were asleep, then you would have woken instantly in extreme pain with a bloody wound.
Short version - you are being lied to.  Somebody has spun you a tissue of lies, and you have fallen for it.  Unfortunately, the person lying to you could be yourself, so I strongly recommend you visit a medical professional to arrange the next steps in your treatment.

If other people were involved in convincing you that you have a chip in your brain, then they have committed an offence against you, so you ought to make a record of who did and said what to you to pass on to the police.

Good luck.

You get that Little nano Chip with a pressure Pistole like that once with them you get ear holes. So you don t have any grain, blood or pain.

That technology does not exist, neither the nano chips, nor the injector.

Kiteman, I'm afraid that you will not convince this young lady. If this posting is for real, nothing that we say will help her understand.

No. If that technology existed, it would be super cool, and someone would be selling them. Current top of the line technology is decades if not centuries away from being able to make useful nano-tech-computing.


5 years ago

I have to say it, your whole story sounds fishy to me. Either you have been duped or you're trying to put something over on us.
Implantable RFID chips are always implanted subcutaneously, not intracranially, even with animals.
If you truly believe what you are telling us, go see a physician, messing around with the contents of your skull can kill you. Dead.

Go please to you Tube an Look After mind control and brain Chip Implantats. There you can See that it is True my Real Story.

Sorry, but I really don't have time for that. I'm am feverishly working on my anti-gravity, perpetual motion, time travel machine.
I have used up all of my double nucleus Californium and I am having a dickens of a time locating a power source so I can return to the 67th Century.

In rare instances in history foreign bodies have been injected in people, like in the assassinations of the dissidents Georgi Markov and Alexander Litvinenko. Although I find her claims very hard to believe, it is plausible to have foreign objects injected in someone's body. It seems that this lady could be the victim of some cult or she could be suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. I am not a qualified doctor to say the latter but her claims are very consistent with the symptoms of the disease.

1. Just because youtube shows this is being done doesn't make it true - It also shows perpetual motion machines.

2. the chances of your having something implanted in your brain in reality are approaching zero - Why?
a) it takes a lot of money to develop such a device,

b) it takes a professional surgeon of considerable skill to do such an operation - that without total consent would be illegal anyway

c) WHY would anyone do this to you are you special in any way - what financial or personal gain could they have for investing such effort and expense.

Possibly you should talk to someone in a professional way first and get some real medical help and opinions - no one can cut open your head without leaving marks.#

Aside of all that the EMP isn't going to be the answer pocket EMP generators don't exist, the effect tends to be wide spread and is easily guarded against.

The MRI is a better chance, if you had one - have another. ANYTHING big enough to harm you will show up and anything electronic will be damaged.

Besides which there is ZERO chance of propagating an RF signal through afull salty water tank


5 years ago

Could you post some pictures?
The device, insert area ect?

For the risk of the device letting out the magic smoke, it would be cheaper to get it surgically removed.

I Don t know what you mean. I Need someone who Bild it for me or give me an Easy and safty Description.

1) Why do you have a chip implanted in you?
2) Why do you not just get the chip removed surgically? It will honestly be safer.

Where's the chip ? If its destroyed in the wrong way, it might explode, or cook a nerve group.