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Who's afraid to die? Answered

Ok, This is not really a theological question. It came to mind while thinking of global warming, nuclear holocaust and the Large Hadron Collider. Are you afraid to die? I can only speak from a Christian perspective when I say, "No, of course not!" But I would expect atheists to feel the same way. If there's nothing to look forward to, then there's nothing to dread either. I am afraid of pain, suffering, misery, and the difficulty felt by those left behind, but death itself doesn't really concern me at all. How do the rest of you feel about death?


Well, it depends on my mood. If I am down, I cant wait for my death. If i am relaxing at my computer at 1:00 in the morning listening to rap (like right now), i wanna live my life as long as possible.

That's a very shallow and immature way to look at it..... But I have a tendancy to be the EXACT same way, (OK, minus the rap).

No! I'm actually excited for the day that I die

sarcasmI am afraid to die :(

A lot of the fear (and intrigue) with death, seems to be fear of the unknown. We spend so much time and money trying to stay alive, sometimes to the point that our whole existence is about cheating death. To me, I hate the concept of leaving loved ones, but beyond that, it's just another adventure.

Yes! And there is a man in Asia, about 117 years old (or somewhere around there), and he still jogs everday, he eats lots of vegetables. I am excited to see how long he will live

When I get 60, I'm going to get fat and lazy, and maybe take up smoking (JK). But seriously, I don't know how long I'd WANT to live.


I think the more time we spend getting "ready" for death, the less we fear it. If we deal with our earthlt responsibilities, and decide how we truly feel about an afterlife, we get a greater level of peace about the whole thing.

Out of general interest how long did Jesus spend preparing for the inevitable? (Serious question) L

I'll try to PM you the specifics tonight. But most theologians would give one of these answers: A) From the very beginning of the world. B) About 33 years. C) About three years. D) About a week or so.

Haha, this topic keeps getting dug up out of the grave...

I'll yell right back! :D

Is that your wife? You look so much friendlier in this picture...so, so, much friendlier...

Haaaaahaaaaa! Lol! That's my oldest son,back whn he had long hair! That's why he finally got it cut. :-)

No, it's ok. That pic was from last year. He let his hair grow real long. He really had a lot of older people think he was a "her". Finally he got a short haircut. Now he almost neds to shave, so he's not as "pretty".

I fear being nothing for eternity!

I am more athiest than anything by the way!

Interesting. What do you think eternity will be like? True nothingness? If that were the case, it doesn't sound like a cause for fear to me.

What was it like before you were born, skunky?

I would assume it was like nothingness (for me at least), unless you're into reincarnation. Like I said, if you genuinely believe the after-life will be the same, it sounds like nothing to fear. If anything, it might be a relief, the absence of suffering etc. The Jewish Saducees seemingly felt that way. But, if it's not nothingness, it would be a shame to enter eternity unprepared. This life is quite short, in the face of etenrity.

But I meant what do you remember before birth? Nothing, right? That's precisely how I believe it will be when death comes. Absolutely nothing.

Yes, I know there is nothing to fear, but if eternity were just a blackness or so then it would just be sad if you get me. Another theory or whatever that I really admire, is one that I heard in junior school! Perhaps it could just be an eternal dream? Which would be awesome I guess.

The reason I am not religious is because, say if you were muslim, you prayed every day, and there are laws you have to abide by and such, like no drinking or whatever. Some people could see this as wasting there lives. And then when you died there was no religious after-life, so you wasted your normal life! So it is kinda chancing it! But if you truly believe I think your mind will make your religious afterlife.

When my dad was in hospital, like really ill, his heart went off, and like his mind left his body and he could see the operating theatre, and as he was asleep before he even got into the theatre, he could surely not know what it was like, and then he described it! And he was right! So this sounds incredible to me!

What do you think?

The out of body experience stuff is really interesting. I'll be honest, my theological tradition doesn't really address that. Personally, I would take that as "evidence" that we are more than just a body. I'd take it as a hint of a spirit/soul.

I agree! With you.

im not afraid to die im afraid how im gonna die

I think a lot of us feel this way. No one is really excited about pain and suffering.

I fear not death, but I'd prefer for it to be quick and spectacular, and if possible, heroic.
I think I've already died in the Charge of the Light Brigade, it was a sucky ending... getting shot in the knee hurts...

I'm, truly, not afraid to die. I am only afraid of how I will die. But I made up my mind. If my doctor tells me that I'm dying in 24 hours, I'm going to go up in a plane, light my pants on fire, and jump out of the airplane... no parachute... and put the video on youtube.

I have no fears of death itself.
The transistion is something that interests me though.

Just to through another one in there.

Would you prefer to burn to death or dround?

neither....both are partially suffocating...but the pain of the flame might distract me from the inability to breath (my worst fear is suffocation....not dying of it, but during the suffocation).

i can hold my breath for 2:30!!!!!!!!!!!
when you really focus, it's not that painfull... you just have to stay calm and focus...
of course, that won't help anything past a couple minutes, then you'll be dead!

It isn't pain that bothers me, I sincerely panic when I am unable to breath. I can swim underwater but not for any length of time....

Ha-we're opposites. I can usually stand pain really well, but I'd rather suffocate than burn...

Well, I was trying to see which would be better and concluded I would rather forgo both :-) I sit squarely on the fence with this one.

Lol, yes, this is a rather morbid conversation...

Ack, I just now realized....if I sit on the fence, someone will set it alight LOL

and then you will fall into the water.

Sorry, you may not have heard of a song from Jan. 1970 Bridge Over Troubled Waters which was the focus of my little joke ;-)

I do not believe I was alive then...

AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Best thing to say to someone who is talking about something before your time!

That was waaaaaaayyyyyyyy before my time

Well, I assumed that, which is why I supplied the video. So the joke about the Fence over troubled water.....made some sense :-)