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Whos top 5/10/20 are you on? Answered

Whos top 5 / 10 / 20 are you on?

As  far as I know, I am on these people's top 5/10/20:
  • DJ Radio
  • Killer~Safecracker
  • Mikstr2
Thats all that I know of atm, so whos are you on?


none that i know of :)

Your are my fave ibler, check it out on my 'about me' thing :-)

Ha. Thanks. Nice waterpistol by the way, when do you think you'll get some better pics? I don't understand how it works.

Uhh, it's kinda broken up now...  and the water pistol didnt work very well, what would you say if I asked you to make me a new challenge and ditch the pistol? :S

stopped that as well, =P, trigger would have sucked and stuffed it up.

The logic bow can already fire oodammo if you have the TR8 turret on it.

yeah I know, I was going to make it fire oodammo from the same clips the jackal uses, I scrapped that project though. I am now building a lever action oodammo gun.

I'm on yours, Killer~SafeCracker, axiys zx, tombuckey, Mr. Muggle, and kNeXFreek. I'm probably on others, but don't want to find them right now.

not sure, I think nobody.....

I'm not on any as far as I know. I'm not a suck-up. I'm satisfied enough with having plenty of subscribers.

Am I? I didn't take the time to go looking through every single knexer's profile to check.

i dunno, i really don't :)



Its ok nerd buddy, you can be on my top 2 list.
I really don't feel like adding 3 more people...

In that case you go into my top 2 too xD


8 years ago

none really (ksc) i dont really care tho...


8 years ago

I'm number 3 on Killer~SafeCracker

NYPA im #2! (proably cuz im hiz good friend)


8 years ago

Uhhh.... Idunno.

Killer~SafeCracker's for sure. Other than that...


8 years ago

 Wait, is this Myspace?

I guess a lot of people, I forget who, the only one I actually remember atm is Viccie. 

Just found 2 more- You and berkin.