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Whould boiling lemon juice effect the ph level of the citric acid? Answered

And is there any way I could remove the sucrose? I want to as close to pure citric acid in the lemons.



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I have reduced lemon-juice to syrup, but you'll have a hard time removing sucrose. If you make the solution more concentrated the pH will rise.
You could Google for this, as it's all I would do from this point.
Or you could go to a home-brew shop / section and buy citric acid.


Just found this discussion googling about lemon and citric acid. I have a couple of lemon trees in the backyard that always produced bumper crops that I don't know what to do with. Just checked the boiling point of citric acid (375F) so just boiling the juice from those lemons will keep the citric acid and whatever is in the juice that won't vaporize at 212F for later use. I understand adding some sodium benzoate will help preserve it. I just wonder if adding back water to the concentrate will still make it taste like lemon juice. Anybody have any experience on this?

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Depends what you want the citric acid for - IF NOT for consumption it is sold in most supermarkets as kettle descaler.

Citric acid is much easier to purchase, either from candy making (bulk stuffs stores) stores than it is to procure from lemons - if that is your intended end result.