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Why? Answered

Why cant i comment or rate anything? is anyone else having this problem?


i had that problem like three monthes ago just email the admen his email is servis@instructables.com if that dosnt work the wait for a while like a week oh aslo can you veiw the small pictures

Delete your cookies. Delete your cache (history). Log in to I'bles from scratch and use "hard refresh" (reload) on pages.

i cant find it... what do i do when i log in?

After you log in, everything should work. And given that you're making comments, I guess it did.

ok... i cant make comments on ibles or rate them

You cleared your history completely?

its working now, thanks for the help! =D

Great! Could you do us a favor and update the topic text to mention what you did to get yourself working? Thanks!

i just went to sing in, didnt click my name at the top of the page and refreshed the page... leave youre computer off for about 3 hours then it should work.

ok thanks ill do it now!


7 years ago

i had this prob 2 a couple months ago and now it's gone mabye it's like a virus going around ibles' or something

i know, its working now...

i have a similar problem where i cant open up the smaller pictures, or read through the yellow boxes.. unless its a slide show or vid : /