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Why Blue? Answered

I was wondering, why blue for the 'Answer's' section?
I like it. :D


I like blue.

So do i sunny. Plus, its their site, they can do what the like...

Haha yeah you've got a point there

How can you talk on ibles? You can type, not talk.

You can talk to one another through typing. Can mute people talk, or are they just waving at you?

Because someone at Instructables likes the Broncos, perhaps?

I would prefer puce text.

They should make it turn orange as soon as the author thinks its been answered.

maybe its to show its new.

I'm guessing so it stands out? The whole site screams ORANGE, and blue stands out as different and new.

blue and orance are opposite - much like answers and the rest of instructables are opposite

Why not blue?