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Why Google Chrome Beta is the Best! Answered

Google Chome is the best! In case you don't know what it is, it's a internet browser made by google. I like it because it is:
1. Fast
2. Clean (no useless stuff in interface)
3. Shows all downloads on bottom
4. Tabs on top
5. When you open a new tab, it shows the most visited sites

To download, go to http://www.google.com/chrome .


I tried it, but can't get used to it. I'm stuck on Safari. It's so customizable!

oh, yeah, there's no addons yet for chrome. we'll just have to wait for the real thing to come out.


The page - www.google.com/chrome. - does not exist

I like it, but a couple things: I know there's no file bar to keep it clean, but it's kinda hard findng stuff like that my scroll wheel doesn't work with it

My scroll wheel will go down but not up in chrome and I can use the sidebar or the arrow keys anyway, but it is still very good.

It certainly is different. I don't like that there's no immediate way to view and delete history from several days at once. I also use add-ons for FF, so I can't download multimedia files directly from the webpage with it. It looses a bit of functionality from FF, but I'm sure Google plans to change that soon. Another thing I really like is the importing of favorites just like how I had them set up on FF.

And it's got some secrets. BigAl109 told me.

Secrets between Firefox and Windows. Apparently, Google and Mozilla are trying to make fun of Microsoft.

I just downloaded it, and it ker-freaking awesome. Might rival Firefox.

@5. When you open a new tab, it shows the most visited sites I love this feature but got bored of having to open a new tab every time to see it, for those who haven't worked it out yet: *Go to the spanner icon in the right top corner and click on it. *Go to options and click on it. *In "basics" find the "Homepage:" settings. *check the box that says "show home button on the toolbar". *Your done, you now have a handy button that takes you straight to the great new tab page without opening a new tab! Joe


9 years ago

I totally agree!(currently posting from chrome) and also, every tab is a new procces. which means if one site causes you PC to freeze, chrome will know and ask to close the tab, which will cause you PC to un-freeze!