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Why I'm not around much for now etc. Answered

Now things have taken a big turn for the something, maybe worse maybe better, anyway I got put out of my house, the fight has been resolved and I'll bore you with details some other time because I'm writing on an iPhone at the moment, my brothers or touch even... Where I'm living at the moment has no Internet and the Internet in my tech is also broken. I'm not sure when ill be back online for now the neighbours internet is my main hope but it's not a good one. The place I'm living is the house from my ible, how to deck a house out for nought. I'm still witting smoking and still working away at tech though. Stuffs a bit difficult at the moment but I will eventually have some good ibles from all the stuff I'm up to. I'll try to get on as much as i can when I can but I can still be contacted via bebo and email My emails killerjackalope at hotmail.co.uk and my bebos adamkelly401 I have those things on my mobile so it helps a bit. Yeah, oddly it's all hitthd fan right after my whole lives getting better topic... If you have different usernames for email or bebo then do tell me your ibles name so I know.


hope things work out... wow i'm late for this, it's been more than a month... and uhh... i haven't been on ibles much either because i've been so busy...

oh now you have an iphone... when did you get it. anyway, hope things go good for you.

No I was writing on my brothers iPod touch. Cheers, strangely so do I...

What do you actually do for a living, all the talk about tech sounds very interesting?... :D

I go to tech - belfast metropolitan college, studying a national diploma in media, at the moment I'm not in work due to lack of jobs going...

Media...to me that is a wide range...so what do you study actually, something regarding electronic or....a lot of things come to my mind ....? :D

Well media... Some of my classes include: - Production Management - Research techniques - Writing for film and TV - Photography There are 18 units so far, I've made four different projects, done photography at a bunch of events, made a web based TV show... You know the daily grind...

Cool, all that combined sounds like fun and you can earn some good $$$... Well, best of luck in the Media business! :D

Unlucky mate :( hope it all work's out soon though. My email is its.george.smart (at) gmail.com How is your tech class going ? this morning i spent three hours trying to file this bit of acrylic for my project, turns out they had a belt sander thing that finished it in 5 min :S

Managed to get on in tech, it's going well I'll be posting the results of some offbeat work in tech soon enough.

Cool, im nearly done an that bloody table, ill show you some pics when its done

You must do so! I'm working on an interesting project at the moment, a huge one to be honest, compared to the usual ones.

but you can add like 4 people on facebook and totally ignore us I see how it is...

Yer, have you seen the number of chicks he yacks with though?

It'll be lame around here without chya chum :P Hope things shape up for you. Are you seriously on an iPhone? My email iz mah username here AT gmail, but ive got you on beebo already...

Writing on brother's touch at that point, now I'm on a Mac in tech, Apple's taking over my life a bit...

That is so awesome! I didn't know the touch could do instructables.... I am so buying one now!! Mac is not taking over your life, your life is taking on Apple...

Good point. Aye the touch has wifi built in, it's pretty nice to type on to, first few liens were slow then I got up to speed. Also all the apps work prefectly on it. No camera on it though.

I concur with everyone else here, you'll be missed, so hope things fall into place in your life so you can return soon.

Still, it is nice to have some order in your life....especially at your age.
In my house, however; chaos theory is validated continuously LOL

Best of luck to you, Adam! As Kiteman said, stay in touch when you can; we'll miss you.

I hope things get better quick and you'll come back around. We miss you! :D

Tech has internet for now... So I'll be in and out of contact... I was up until four in the morning painting, Does that count as better?

Hey, sorry to hear that. Be back soon!

I hope this get settled. Stay in touch when you can.

Shall be in and out for a bit but it'll all getting there, granted my heating conked out after I got oil. So I might have to do something serious about that.

:( I hope everything ends up working out for you. I think you already have my email address but I'll email you sometime because I don't want to post my email address on here