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Why Pro members are better than regular members. Just hear me out on this one. Answered


Bwahaha they think that's what we're talking about anyway...

Keep your shirt on, after a bit I'll ask someone to move it to show it's all in fun. :P

Meantime enjoy the butterfly...


Looks scarily like the one on a hairclip I found while tidying today...

Well, the picture is actually of your hairclip (we know you clip your long blonde braids back, don't deny it), I snuck in your house earlier...

Clearly... I did the whole house and have a lost property pile now...

Is this all revenge for that dream? Because really, cross continental housebreakings a big step...

Yes, it is - I've never forgotten your eyes in that dream...I left a surprise present by the back door, mind you watch out lest something unpleasant happen...

They may as well have - they were the fieriest blue eyes I've ever seen, awake or not, and you glared at me so evilly... >shudder<

Though highly capable of conveying hatred my eyes are a deep brown with occasional gold flecks... Your brain works in odd ways, it's my old profile pic you're thinking of...

And I didn't even...

That said your avatar's looking good today, is that a new font aswell?

Aw, thank you for noticing - I wore Sans Serif today just to look my best...and I must say your link colors are simply dashing as well.

Aww, My curiosity only reveals this.  Oh wells  =P

< pulls up chair >
Is this joint classy or what?

Only if the first prong is neutral, are there any Watts on the second one.

Hehe I remember when you were talking about doing this :D 

Bwa ha ha ha!  I love regular members.

Hmm, well some of us "irregular" members are insulted  ;-) 

 I love the irregular members, no matter how infrequent their bowel movements are.

 It's good to know the money pro members fork out to have their own exclusive forum is being put to good use... :-P

 Must ... ... ... resist temptation ... to ..... move ... ... ...  topic.....

Oooh, shiny objects...

Is the butterfly "nailed" to a board?


My Grandparents had one of those in a case, it was very definitely dead and "mounted"... That one I don't know about.


I prefer to think of this one as alive and free.

So would I, I'm bending my perception to see "landed on my jeans and I had a camera handy".


Could be, it's just stolen off Google images. :P

I knew that, I'd like to think it was an opportune moment, rather than net- jar- pin, Aaaa!


You are an evil, cruel woman!

...which is one of the many reasons I like you!

 So, seeing as this is an evil topic about random things, I'll boost the comment count by asking this:

Should I fork over the $100 bucks to turn this into a path tag?

Mazee Tag.jpg

That is a lovely tag, but I think you could make your own for less.  Take a metal circle, drill a hole, paint or place a picture on it, and use some heavy varnish like material to seal it all up.