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Why Romanians can not participate in competitions on Instructables.com? Answered

My name is Alexander and I'm so upsed because I can't participate in contests! Why other contries like Romania can't do that?! :(



This gets asked a lot ! Its caused by different laws about competition in different parts of the world.

You can, if you can find a friend who can collect the prize for you in a legal country, and send it to you.

If you are somehow able to give an address in an eligible country, they can send the prizes there.
  • You could collaborate with a member in an eligible country, and share the prize.
  • You could give the address of a friend or relation in an eligible country. They would send the prize there, and you could then arrange to get the prize to you yourself
  • There are websites that will let you arrange an American address for deliveries to go to, ¬†then forward them to you.
Please note, this is not official advice from HQ, and if anything goes wrong the site cannot help you out.

But I'll like to create an Instructable and win those awesome prizes.Can I?! :)

This is the official word on international entries: LINK.

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