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Why am I losing my changes? Answered

Editing an unpublished instructable, every so often I discover that the changes I've been making have disappeared, and I have a previous version of my text. I save often, and the autosave also saves often. Despite this, an obsolete version of the text may suddenly appear, and most unwelcome it is too. I'm on OSX 10.5, running Firefox. Occasionally, doing a Google query for instance, I get asked if I really want to navigate away from the current page, and I back off, opening a new tab instead. This evening, when my session expired, the Bot offered to take me to the login page but immediately raised the "navigate away" warning. I opened another tab and logged in there, then returned to my work which seemed okay. It was a few edits after that that all my new work disappeared. What can I do, if saving isn't enough to preserve my work?


I should have added that I have been using the new editor.

I had this problem as well. I would recommend using Safari, apple has "issues" with Firefox....