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Why am I the only one in contest without a "vote" icon? Answered

Ok, I've produced an Instructable. Submitted it to the site on Mar 26. Entered it in the Pets contest. I open the contest page and it is there. It does not have a "Vote" icon like every other one there. I know people are finding it because it is getting some attention. Stats Total Views: 1052 Today Views: 170 Comments: 15 Rating: 3 Is the reason I have no Vote icon because I'm blocked to vote for myself (understandable)? I notice a more recent entry from last night has an icon already. Further, how can I tell how many votes I have? On the contest summary page I do find some projects list number of votes. Since mine is rather new I would expect it on the next screen, but it has not moved even though I sort by votes. Why is that? My Instructable is now featured and may well go popular soon as my other two have. Wouldn't featured be an advantage of exposure to potential voting? As the contest deadline approaches hopefully I'm actually gathering votes.


The system doesn't let you vote for yourself. Good question about seeing your own vote count. So far the only numbers appear on the top 10 list on the contest page.

Maybe the consideration should be to post all or none, although I can see now that with all on a big contest response may be impractical. It is fun to see progression though and to watch the race develop. Thanks

It's there and it works-I just tested it. I suppose I could un-test it by un-voting, but I'm too lazy to do so. Nice iBle, BTW. ;-)

i think they don't let ya vote, so everyone doesn't give themself a vote...

I kind of figured that but thought bette to check and make sure it was not something I did incorrectly. Thanks

ya, and fungus explained it better anyway. VVVthat guy

Mine own entries have no vote buttons either.