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Why an increase in views to an old instructable? Answered

Recently, I have noticed an increase in views to an old instructable.  I am assuming that this happens because the instructable was "picked up" by another internet site?  If this is so, is there any way to determine which site(s) are involved?



Best Answer 7 years ago

A few observations, and tools, based on my personal experiences:

Another outside site may have picked up tour 'able, but Instructables itself may have re-featured it, too.

When you look at the 'able in question, click on the "Stats" tab on the right hand side, just above your name. Does anything look different the "Referrers" section?

For more detailed stats, go to your profile page. In the address bar you will see "https://www.instructables.com/you/". Add the word "stats" to the end of this, after the slash, and you can see and manipulate graphs pertaining to your 'ables. It's a little slow and buggy, but it is interesting and informative.

Maybe that instructable appears in the weekly magazine.

I think usually Instructables add new instructables in the weekly magazine , "Creativeman" say may instructable was old .

Which instructable was it?

It's been "stumbled upon", which might explain it, plus this is the time of year people are making inexpensive gifts.

Rather than being puzzled, simply bask in the knowledge that people still enjoy your work.

I've noticed some older instructables getting "featured" in recent newsletters. Maybe it's seasonal 'Ibles?

Frollard's comment about the STATS tab at the top of the authorship box gets you the list of everywhere your I'ble got linked (with a load of silly duplicates). You'll probably see some blogs there.

In addition, you can use the I'bles statistics interface (you/stats

thanks kmh, I never knew about the personal stats. I love statistics!


7 years ago

If it was included un a guide or in the 'make your own gift' tab. Some older instructables are featured there now.

Sure is -- on the right hand side, under the author info where the star rating is, theres a 'stats' tab.

Click that and you can see which websites are referring to your ible.