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Why are certain contests not available to all countries? Answered

The coded creations contests are restricted to my country(India)... can i know why? is it because of delivery problem or something else?


I could send this Acarajé receipe, but don't, i will not.

Because we, brazilian, are excluded from the contest.

I think that the whole world is loosing a chance to flavour this delicious, i'm not, i can taste it when i want to.


You can post it anyway without applying it for a contest(looks yummy :p)....

I will just because of you, it's very tasteful. Made with beans, palm oil (dende), coconut milk, shrimps, and another good stuff. Next time i will be posting here.

I can skip the shrimp rite? Just topping in the pic... *veg*

Sure, you can fill it with a thing you like most. Cheese for example.

For God sake, i can't see me not eating another animals, i wish i could, but don't. I disagree with how the animals are treated by the humans, there's no honor in that, i think that if everybody who like eat meat have to work in the process of killing and butchering, the majority will became a veg too, but not me, mainly fish and sea food, no regreat in that. You are a good soul.

Here in Brazil we have many types of snacks that could be winners in the snack contest and we are out of it. I think that ins't fair at all, i think that is some kind of elitism that the insctructables.com site is doing. If you can't ship the prize, fryer, so choose another kind of prize.

The prizes aren't the issue, it's the effort of making the contest legal in your country.

See my earlier comments about getting around the country rules.

All right, that's enough to me, i should know that some kind of stupid law is making our lives harder, here is the way the politicians kept people pressed.

Thank you for the answer.

Yes, Mr. CarlTrin, I think the same to myself. Elitism - this is the perfect word for it. I think that my instructable was better than half of finalists but I am not from the right country. I can use my friends... I can dont make any instructable more.


3 years ago

to srao10

You are not enough honest to win the exclusive prize. It is not important that you are more clever, skillfull... then the others.

You must be born in right place of the world. The better world.

I am in the same situation like you. I have made my instructable with hope to obtain at least stupid t- shirt... Let it be.

You have in your country Ganesha, they have not.

Nope. The fault lies with your legislature, which imposes such severe restrictions on contests that Instructables is forbidden to conduct them in your country.

can you say exact restriction of my country? I think there is nothing to impose me win contest here. I can pay all of fees of win. VAT, or any other fees. Slovakia is member of EU so I dont understand why it is possible for Germany, Netherland and Belgium and not for all EU countries. Why not UK?

Every country has subtly different laws on contests (some countries call them gambling, for instance, so you have to be over 18), and it takes time for lawyers to write contest rules that match every country's laws. Since lawyer time is very expensive (thousands, maybe tens of thousands of dollars per country), they have to balance the cost of bringing the rules in line with a country against the benefits to the site (more entries to contests).

According to Quantcast.com, Instructables only gets 30,000 visitors per month from Slovakia, versus 15 million from the USA, and the number of members from Slovakia will be even smaller. I'm sorry to say; it simply costs too much to make the contest valid in your country.


If you have friends or relatives in a country that is allowed to enter the contest, you can simply give their address as your own - the prize will get sent to them, and you arrange to get it from there to you yourself.

The contests can be presented by simple stipulation - every fees relevant to the win are the winners business. Blah, blah law in the country of winner. I think it is cheap.

USA vs Slovakia - in Slovakia lives 5 M people. We can not beat USA by visiting : )

BUT, If you think we can not be so good like americans...

I was fun of instructables.com for many years, I was glad of place to inspiring young people to make some stuff for yourself. Now I see it is only business like all. I am sad of it.

I have friends in USA, I have friends in NL, UK and Germany too.

I think i am human like everybody and where I live or I was born does not matter in the case of contests. I cant imagine what and where can be a problem with delivering of prize everywhere in the world. Which law restricted to win something???

If the site doesn't get visits and contributions, then the site will die. Most people who publish here do so in the spirit of sharing, not for personal gain.

But, you have friends in the right countries to get around the laws, so be happy!

(As to which law you are breaking, you will have to find out for yourself what Slovakian laws say about contests on the internet. I'm afraid I cannot read Slovakian (and the professional translation of legal documents is another expense I hadn't thought of!).)

ok, you are right.

It is not the question of law but about philosophy.

You think an extremely talented North Korean kid will be allowed? [no offense to anyone] See from the perspective of Instructables... They would obviously have some reason to restrict it to your country... They may not have enough resources in your country to conduct it there... Do you think they'll fly all over the world trying to fix a T-shirt if it is not worth it?

I didn't get what you mean't by "You are not enough honest to win the exclusive prize. It is not important that you are more clever, skillfull... then the others." Where did that come from? And who is ganesha?

Ganesha is the Hindu elephant-headed god.

Maybe he thinks you're in a Hindu country, and encouraging to console yourself with the presence of one of your deities?

Elephant headed eh? Must be very heavy to carry around! :(

You are from India and realy dont know Ganesha? use google

I am sorry, for the word "honest". I have meant "not enough good"

I must work on my english.

There a sooooooo many ppl named ganesha and i treat all of them equally ("god"/people). so found it difficult to process the reference... Do u even know me to judge me? Weird.... Yea you work on ua English... You seriously need it.

Considering that India has passed the first hurdle of running instructables contests there, https://www.instructables.com/community/Update-on-I...

I think it was probably a choice made based on the wishes of the sponsor and whatever reasons they may have for keeping it a local USA contest. Microsoft is global but for marketing purposes make it look like it is contributing back to its own country.

Umm... Sad! wanted to join that one... Thankx a lot caitlinsdad!