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Why are guys so territorial? Answered

Ok why is it that guys flip out when they see their girlfriend even looking in the direction of another guy? its not like he owns me, so why do i get the cold shoulder every time i talk to another guy? Its not like im gonna run off with another guy so why cant he just get over it? Lolz, Are guys chemically wired to guard their girl?


Men are not the only ones that become territorial, girls also get territorial, and for the same reasons we men do. Men and women may experience insecurity, become possessive of our mates, and flip out every time we observe our mates pay attention to someone else. If you are not getting a kick of seeing your boyfriend jealous, what you are experiencing is not healthy at all. He is treating you like his possession and that is definitely a red flag.

yea i've seeen girls that are just as bad as any guy 

And we're insecure. 
And we don't like other guys touchin our stuff (tools, toys, cars, etc. not saying you're his stuff).

We don't understand why you're with us now and we expect you to wake up to that question and wonder for yourself.

you can aquire some deep insights into "why we do what we do" by watchin' a few of those documenterys on chimps in th' wild !  very thought provokin' and in a way ,  frightenin' !

And just for the PC police and their commissars-in -training, all of the above also applies to our non-hetero friends and their non-hetero relationships.

Well, yes, we are chemically wired.  In the wild, males of all (I think) species fight over the females quite aggressively, and old habits die hard.

Because we evolved in the lineage of territorial primates.  It takes a very, very long time for hardwired behaviour patterns to change by natural selection, and modern humans (a) haven't been around long enough; and (b) there are strong selection pressures for maintaining that territoriality.