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Why are my usb ports broken? Answered

I stripped a usb extender and used it for small projects in the past, when I first tried this it broken my back usb ports, two of them (using only one). So I did it again sometime after and it broke the data inputs of the usb ports. So I tried once more but with it on my usb hub and it broke the last back one. So now I am stuck with two usb ports in the front. I just want to know if I can fix this and HOW and why this is happening. Also, if there is a safe way that I can do this (other than using an arduino) please let me know. :)



Best Answer 5 years ago

USB ports do not have fuses. When you overload them the chips on the board fry. I actually saw this happen once when we had a case open and the owner plugged in a broken USB stick. The chip got so hot it glowed and then popped off the board, along with some nice smoke.
The only thing you can do is get a USB add on card. They plug into a slot and provide you with extra ports, or in your case replacement ports. But when you overload them they will burn out also. Maybe you should buy a few of them. And of course there is always the possibility that you will blow out your power bus altogether. USB ports are not meant to be overloaded, short circuited or reversed polarity. They are fragile, that is the way it is. Be more careful.

Thanks! I had a better idea of just using my usb plug that goes into the wall socket. :)

It DOES depend on the computer. Technically, they should have resettable polyfuses on them, and of course, to meet spec, they're only supposed to give 100mA without negotiation.

How did it break them? Did you short the power lines? Did you try drawing too much power? Did you send too much power down the data lines?

If it's not damage to the physical connectors then you blew something on the board. If that is the case then it will be very hard to track down and even harder to replace the broken components without further damaging the board.