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Why are the winner placments still moving around after the voting has ended? (Book Contest) Answered

Read the title. What's the deal? I moved from 7th to 12th, to 9th, and now i'm on 10th. Hmm.... Any Ideas? Also, when is the book going to be published? Thanks!


Excuse me? Knex is very cool, and only 2 knexibles made it into the book. Knex is a huge part of the instructables community - Of corse it should be in the book!

there might be more knexibles in the book. ewilhelm said there will be around 50 full instructables and 75 mentions. thats 125. the DD-27 is around 119 so who knows.

To quote ewilhelm:

We've been verifying the votes, and still have some more to do. However, the listing of Instructables ordered by number of votes probably won't change too much now. Since we're still figuring out which Instructables will be included in full, the final list won't be ready for a little while now. There's an additional delay because we need to secure permission from the various authors, and not everyone responds so quickly...