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Why are there 21 finalist in the Teach-Me-Fast Contest Answered

There where supposed to be 20 finalist and now that they have removed the rest of the videos from the contest home page it is showing 21 finalist. Was there a tie in the voting?


Sounds feasible.

What are you talking about? What sounds feasible? Are you just commenting because you have nothing better to do?

No, I was agreeing with Deathstick's hypothesis regarding 21 vs 20. Now, re-read your own post, contemplate what positive contribution you have made to the topic, then go and look up "irony" in the dictionary.

With my back hurting the way it does, I haven't been able to get ANY of my irony done all week. ;-)

English phrase, used originally when somebody was being thrown out of the pub - get yer coat, yer leaving.

Did one learn this in his younger years?

I was never thrown out of a pub.

Carried out, many times...

Although I have a BSc, I lost my Hons status, thanks to spending a large part of my first year at university in a drunken haze.

On the day I was elected Editor of the newspaper, I got so drunk that the student union council made me an honorary woman for the night, so that I could be taken safely back to my digs on the women-only minibus.

I didn't know that the first year counted for that much - where did you go?


Drink and drugs for me, still I got the 2:1 Hons

I went to UMIST, in Manchester.

They had odd rules, which may have been specific to my course (Paper Science); if you failed your second year, you automatically lost your honours status, and had to repeat your second year instead of doing your third year. Since your second year counted for 40% of your final score, anything over a 2.2 was a miracle.

Since I don't believe in miracles, I wasn't disappointed...

(3rd Ord.)

I never got into drugs (no real reason why, just didn't), but I did spend far too much of my second year running the student newspaper.

Teachers: they came close to failing school, too.

I just went to the shop, and on the way contemplated that another person would make a connection there... didn't expect it to be you though. L

I didn't fail school (except for the experimental maths-and-further-maths-at-the-same-time course they put me and two friends on), and I wouldn't have made such a mess of uni, were it not for the fact that the cheapest normal-hours bar in Manchester was in my hall of residence, and the second-cheapest was in the student union. Second-cheapest four, actually.

30p for a short. Lager about 80p a pint, real beer not much more...

! You had it good there, I remember drinking Newcastle- (Scotch I think) at 1.18 a pint as the cheapest pub-muck going. Brown Ales would probably been 1.47, and the Trent house did doubles for a pound: Quadruple G&Ts and pool was a nice afternoon...



Huh... the bar in Emmanuel college still did pints of draught bitter at £1.30 last time I went in, that was probably 2007. Don't remember having "proper beer" there as I probably went somewhere else for that, but it was legendarily cheap. Quadruple G&T, you say...

"Who dares gins!" L

>Attempts to hurl walking frame across Atlantic, slowly topples over<

What did you do with your backup cane? ;-)

Honestly, the first time I read your post here, I thought why would one be throwing up a walker? *sigh* it's the meds

Not enough hands - I tried propping it elsewhere, but it made my eyes water.

I just hand the crook over the bars of the walker to keep it around ;-) If lose the walker, I can make a grab at the cane and fall in to a big heap in the process ;-)

Hmphrrr, had I been able to attend college when I was supposed to, I would have gone from 1979-1982. But my Dad did not think college was necessary, nor did he ever feel that motivation (in any respect) was part of his job.

There is an old joke that sounds very similar to what you are saying:

What do you call the Med student that passes with the LOWEST grade?

answer: Doctor

I looked at UMIST, but decided on Newcastle instead in the end (Liverpool - no, Birmingham - I forget why, Oxbridge - no). Ever organise any sit-ins...? L

We had a sleep-in at the library. I forget why, but it was kind of last-minute, so we didn't have anything to sleep in. Damned chilly and uncomfortable, your typical 4am library.

We weren't really a militant uni, though - when the NUS organised free coaches to London to protest against the poll tax, the coaches went full, came back full, but the occupants went shopping in between.

There was a very militant minority, though, with absolutely no sense of humour, so they naturally became the butt of a lot of odd stories in the newspaper (such as the campaign to start an alternative student union, since we were forced to join NUS. We called it Anti-NUS, and mocked up membership cards with a slightly-modified NUS logo...). I quickly became labelled both fascist and sexist, simply because I blatantly held doors open for female students, and had the temerity to stad up to let them sit down in crowded meetings.

They never got taken seriously, though. Not after the most vocal of the Socialist Worker students was spotted getting dropped off at the start of term from his father's Jag, and somebody else found out that his leather jacket cost more than my (full) grant.

I am amused! We had a coach trip to Rock City ('kin freezing coach journey it was) I don't really know why, but I remember trying to warm up with hand-dryers at Watford Gap Services on the way back. It was there, but why go that far south...?
I seemed to escape militants, but there were some live-role-players above us and some total (insert choice of offensive anatomical word). Esp people who were either called "Ben" or knew someone who was called "Ben" for some reason, but all the "Dave's" were pretty cool. Going nuts and getting sectioned wasn't exactly "cool" but it didn't stop that Dave from being a nice guy...


I didn't know many LARPers, but I got rather into the table-top stuff. I was quite good at painting miniatures (though I haven't touched one for 20 years), I was very good at running off-the-cuff sessions of Paranoia, and I still have my dice-pouch. It is actually beside me as I type, and still holds the d20 that spent two years in my pocket at uni.

These were rubber-swords spend the night at Jesmond Dene types. To the cops: "There's some suspicious characters in Jesmond Dene" - Cops: "That's just role-players." To cops "We are the role players, car please?".

Amusing was when my flatmates had guests from Scunthorpe, they got extremely trashed to the point they filled up milk-bottles rather than get out of their chairs. When the bottles were full they opened the door (within reach) and emptied them on the floor in order to re-fill. "Horse-face-role-player" came down from upstairs to complain about the noise in her slippers... splish-splash


The only place I've seen cockroaches that had died without being crushed was in a student flat - they were on the kitchen floor (NOT mine!).

Eeee. My friend Emily had a party-rejection from an overseas student "because of the slag." (That is she had blogged there was a slug in her kitchen) Selly Oak, good curry but a lot of massage-parlours.


Now that would have been something to get on video ;-)

I believe the union cameraman was also too drunk to crank the handle.

Was that the kind you crank directly or the kind you cranked to wind up a spring for a more smooth filming? ;-)

How do you the tiny text trick? I know about the robot text thing

,,^,,^,,^ Like this^,,^,,^,,

Like this

And how do you do it so that it doesn't take effect? Such as above?

Do a line with nothing but three curly brackets on: {{{
Then a line with the text
Then nothing but the other three: }}}

Has this become the Instructables chat room? What the hell is going on here? I believe when you look at the top of the page there is a topic though I may be wrong!?

almost all topics eventually go off topic....we all have to deal with it ;-)

I guess it is irrelevant seeing as how the contest is a done deal in 24hrs. And since we are off topic I have got to have that underwater case for my new Flip(fingers crossed)!

Haha, this is the type of post I missed the most while my internet was down.