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Why are there K'nex rifles when none of the bullets are spun out of the barrel? Answered

I have seen a fare share of knex guns and more specifically "rifles". The bullets are not spun at all or spun with fins. But there is no gun that spins the bullet in the barrel. Does that mean there is no such thing as a knex rifle?



Best Answer 9 years ago

There are no "true" knex rifles, most people don't even know a real rifle is "rifled". People just use the term "rifle" as an alternative to gun, or to describe a knex gun that looks like a rifle. However it would be possible with knex to make a "true" knex rifle, as Oblivitus stated in his knex gun concepts. Also, Logic Boy claims that his pistol that shoots 100 feet has a rifled barrel, but I don't really believe him because he says on his Instructable that it is the version that fires 40 feet... So why he posted the worst version?

There is one...by lowney, i think..I will see if I can get the link.

You could make a gun so strong, the ammo is forced to spin. I think it's worse when it spins, though, because my gun makes ammo spin so much that it makes the shot curve all around.

Also, you CAN rifle a knex gun with an x-acto knife.


8 years ago

the tempest, by lowney

For every gun you got other barrels made somewhere in china but knex guns don not have special parts for rifle but i don't complain ilike the guns that are made these days

Because a rifled knex gun is almost impossible, and most people who use knex dont know terms for real guns XD

i have tried and come up with results that are no different than the usual ammo, to make "rifled" slugs (shotgun slugs are rifled because if the barrel were rifled it would make the shot fly in a tube-like shape.) you take a drill and a vice and attatch the drill to 1 blue rod and the vice to the same blue rod, then evenly heat the rod with a lighter and spin the drill slowly, the rod should slowly become spiraled, then chop off the connector ends and you have a rifled slug (i use blue for slug-like proportions, you can use any rod you want except green/black as they have no striations.)

i mean rifled barrels not slugs.

shotgun slugs are rifled, however if you want a rifled barrel do this, take the doom rocket launcher by darth trainman, replace the last 2 grey rod sets with flexi green rods (purple, translucent, yellow) then take some grey rods and turn the green rod sections 1/2 turn clockwise and affix with grey rods, repeat with second set. now you have a "rifled" barrel. (no difference in range/power/accuracy.)

It's impossible to actually make spinning bullets because the low velocity would make the bullet spin out of controll and get suckish range. Some knexers tried this, and came up with this result. We can't replicate every single feature a gun has with children's plastic toys. That doesn't mean a "true knex rifle" doesn't exist.


9 years ago

Technically speaking, no... There are no true knex rifles out there. A knex rifle is generally just a knex gun that is the SHAPE of a rifle, and or SIZE of a rifle.
It is possible, but not without using something like a drill, or dremel to rifle the inside of a row of connectors.