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Why are there no Finalists in the Tech Contest? Answered

All of the other contests in the "Contests being judged" have finalists, Why doesn't this on have?


This is a sponsored contest, and the finalist picks/results for these contests often take longer than the ones that are managed completely in-house.

Ahh, I understand. Aren't most of the contests sponsored? The prizes are usually pretty expensive...

I just asked to make sure that it wasn't some king of bug... Thanks

I was thinking the same thing because it said it ends the 24 ( six days ago)

yah probably Its going to be announced in January, after new years.

Nope, no bug! :)

Most contests have prizes provided by companies as a way to get a little advertising. However, some contests are "sponsored" by a company, and they will often have a say in choosing finalists and winners, which is what can take more time.

Now it seems the Tech contest has disappeared from the instructables site altogether. I wasn't able to find it anywhere on the site this morning. Maybe could this mean it's being updated to show winners?

Maybe because they have not been selected yet?
Patience can be a virtue... ;)

Isn't supposed to be in a different category then?

I'm patient (nope)