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Why are there two inputs(left,right) for a stereo amp? Answered


Honestly, nobody knows. The two inputs thing was a leftover from the ancient Greeks, who were the first to put two inputs on their amplifiers. It appears the original reasons were lost to history. Some archaeologists speculate it may have had a religious motivation, others think it was purely convenience.

In all reality, read your original question very slowly to figure out exactly where you answered it yourself.

When you have stereo audio (2 channels), you can have different signals going to the left and right speaker, which can be used to make it sound as if the source of a sound is to your left or right. With mono (1 channel) both speakers get the same signal, so the sound always seems to be coming from straight ahead/all around.

Because stereo has two channels, with different signals on them, each channel has to be amplified separately. You can put both channels into a single mono amplifier and split the output to both speakers, but both speakers, with the same signal on both. Likewise, you can put the same mono input into both channels of a stereo amplifier and get the same output on both channels.


5 years ago

Because its stereo.

Also up and down didn't make sense, and neither did back and forward. Most people understand the concept of left and right.
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I suppose they could have called it East/West instead of right/ left