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Why are users changing their images to birds? Answered

Title says it all.


Don't you know about the bird? Well everybody knows that the bird is the word.

I'm not late to the party here.
I'm ahead of the wave for next time around.

If you really dont know, please change back trust me, you dont know

Its a symbol of an aquired knowledge
those who are aware post birds
those who arent (you) dont
Simple answer
no patches either

find why before you post bird not other way around you will know when you find it

lol, that is so ironic you said that explaining why that is funny would release too much personal info though


9 years ago

i've noticed that too... must be a secret message in the 'ibles underground of admins and such...

I'm not an Admin, or such(I think) and I know =P

granted it was your idea... i still feel like im missing some credit

That was a joke btw...tongue in cheek. :P

Hey, the point isn't credit - I don't give a darn who takes the credit. The point is why we're doing it! :-)

Maybe we get patches for dressing as a bird ;D

No patches. No prizes. Just good feelings.

You have the wrong bird.