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Why are women evil, uncaring, harpies? Answered

Really, that's the whole question. Yes, I've recently endured a heartbreak, but this is a general thing based upon the actions of the majority of the females at my school.




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Probably for the same reason that guys are evil, uncaring jerks. ;) No, really - social interactions at school are almost uniformly awful. One good theory says you should be looking for friends of both genders, and not focusing on romantic attachments. Then if something more develops it's a pleasant surprise, instead of the (more common) cruel letdown. And making an effort to form genuine friendships (without ulterior motives) increases the chance that these women will treat you as a human being, instead of some jerk trying to hit on them.

Maybe it's their way of compensating for their physical (or other) weaknesses compared to men. I don't know what else to say besides don't underestimate women. And yes, as Canida said, School is a not a reference - thankfully!

Im sorry to dissapoint you but get used to it. life is full of heartbreak, get over it and find another girl, have fun you sound young, date, meet people, love it. one xday youll be married to the same person for like 20 years who you hopefully love but letme tell u the grass isnt always greener , even if you do find your "soul mate" :)

Sadly, I am used to it, but this was posted a while ago.....you have a bit of a belated response.

That figures im always a day late and a dollar short;) Dont give up happiness comes from within, I know that sounds silly but honestly its true.

Sorry mate but you're a bit late on that, I gave up on finding real happiness years ago. This question was just the product of one of my pulses of temporary happiness ending in a brutal dumping.

Wow, that statement is brutal!But I get it.

There's an easy solution. Go gay. Then you can play Halo and date the same person.

I feel compelled to point out that dating girls doesn't preclude this.

Great answers everyone! Not every woman is harsh, evil or uncaring. Try handling it the way Jesus would. Forgive her and treat any other lady you meet kindly and respectfully without remembering what she did otherwise you could turn out same as your ditcher.

Simply for the jesus reference, I must dismiss half of that (I'm a Satanist). However, I do that anyway, I don't expect them to be evil, they just end up hurting me. I'm the nice guy who gets the girl....then loses her, over and over.

(I'm a Satanist). I'm the nice guy who gets the girl....then loses her, over and over.

Man that devil thing must really be working for you.

You know not of which you speak, as you are ignorant to the actual origins of my religion. How about next time you consider not being a prick?

I'm not sure what the origins of Satanism have to do with anything, but whether your theistic or atheistic, its all the same. I'm all for freedom of religion, so im not going to say anything else about it, but in the future, follow the "Be nice comment policy" and don't call people pricks. Its really unbecoming, even from you people.

The origins have to do with it because you said "devil thing". I don't follow the Christian Satan, though you call my god by the same name regardless. Also saying "It's really unbecoming, even from you people." makes it seem as though you infer us to be mean, evil, or generally nasty in some way, which is stereotypical and highly judgemental. The reason I said it is that what you said was offensive to me, and so I chose to retort in an uncivilized manner.

I dont waste my time, nobody is serious at that age


9 years ago

Possibly they appear to you that way because you expect it. You often get treated as you expect to get treated. This may be easier to see when you consider teachers' expectations and the reactions they get from students. Truthfully, don't you act up more in class when the teacher is always looking to catch someone misbehaving?

No, no I don't. I expect to be treated as I treat them, with respect and honesty, but I've been cheated on multiple times. canida's guideline is actually what I do, I only date girls that I become friends with first.

All women aren't evil and uncaring, any more than all men are evil and uncaring. Some individuals aren't good people, and it takes a long time to learn how to steer clear of the bad ones. I know that I certainly dated my fair share of assholes before finding "the right one." And for all that you are complaining about women, I know as many women that complain about men, saying that they are unemotional, controlling jerks who are always on the lookout for 'someone hotter.' And these are not ugly women, quite the contrary. As Canida said, find opportunities to make friends, and don't ask out a woman within 20 minutes of meeting her. Most women don't want a man to hit on them, and treat them as if they were like baseball cards to be collected. I hated it when some guy who knew nothing about me (sometimes not even my name), try to get me to go somewhere with him. It felt creepy and frightening; and it happened all the time. On the other hand, I felt completely comfortable with the guys I hung out with at different school activities; one on travel and one about restoring antique cars (and yes, I restored my own car). I learned a lot about these guys while we were working on the same thing, or talking about some adventure. And without even thinking about it, I ended up with a great guy. Nearly everyone I know in a successful long-term relationship has a story like mine. I'm sorry that you are enduring a heartbreak, and that you feel she treated you so badly. I hope that when you're feeling better and head back out again that you meet someone special, who cares about you just as much as you care about her,

If I ever get to the summit of personal bliss, ie that I can understand women, I will write a book.


9 years ago

Having a strong moral base and expecting it out of the girlfriend will help a lot. You alo can't idolize women, you should be confident in yourself, not depend on them.

Because you are dating the wrong woman.


9 years ago

Because they have evil gypsy spirit powers that make men cower.

dont be such a whimp. you will never get a girl in this way. your schoolmates are probably uncaring because they like real men and not moping specimen. toughen up! and i mean this is a positive way.

People are evil and uncaring. Or, some can be, at least. Try not to let them make you the same way, or some heartbroken woman will be saying the same thing about you, down the road. Heartbreak is bound to happen at least a few more times in your life, with you on both sides of the equation.

Good luck, and sorry about your misadventure with love.