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Why are you doing something a little more meaningful this Valentines? Answered

I am doing something a little extra special for my husband this Valentines because we have had a great and not so great year and I want to spark a little imagination and magic into our lives. We had a beautiful baby whom we adore. We also had some funky employment situations that have caused strain. To celebrate how far we have come and our strong bond, I decided to create a <a href="http://www.blueskypapers.com/keepsake-books/love-book.html">Love Book</a>. I am sure he will love it and I have been enjoying the experience of creating it as well!

What and why are you doing something extra special this Valentines?


First time here, but this caught my eye. I used this site, but I didn't get the Book of Love kit. I used their downloadable journaling prompts and wrote my husband (of 7 years) a love letter.

Just for clearification the correct link to the Book Of Love Page is http://www.blueskypapers.com/keepsake-books/love-book.html

You guys crack me up:) I will defiantly be back!

Every day is special to me and my loved one (the wife of course!) And we follow this wise advise; How To Impress A Woman: Wine her, Dine her; Call her, Hug her, Kiss her, Support her, Hold her, Surprise her, Compliment her, Smile at her, Listen to her, Laugh with her, Cry with her, Romance her, Encourage her, Believe in her, Pray with her, Pray for her, Cuddle with her, Shop with her, Give her jewelry, Buy her flowers , Hold her hand, Write love letters to her, How To Impress A Man: Get Naked. Bring Beer & Pizza and Don't Block the TV ;>)

Love the idea of getting naked, eating pizza, and making reservations for dinner... not particularly in that order...

EEEEWWWWW. GROSS. I don't want to hear that from "maggiesmom". :)

I'd say "Who?" but I actually know, (sigh) "Fantastic voyage", need i say more. Curves are good, flat is bad. Works for cars and woman!

Have you ever heard of her most famous public appearance blooper ? "I was asked to come to Chicago because Chicago is one of our 52 states."

believe me, there is no need for tv. I only watch a few shows anyways, and definitely not sports (I'll play sports, but I can not sit still and watch others do what I like to do).

I have a scheme involving carved hearts. I just need a lump of wood, some sharp chisels and some hints on how to carve....

Shave off a little skin with the chisels and use the blood as paint!!!


10 years ago

I'm watching this one closely...(hoping someone has an idea I can borrow.)

Yaaa, Christy--thanks!

I tried to take my wife on the Strasburg Railroad's romantic Valentine's day wine and cheese First class car last year. But she first, destroyed the surprise by breaking into my briefcase, then she stomped on the idea saying she wouldn't like it anyway (and she has the guts to say 'I' am not romantic ?). *sigh*

. I don't know your hubby, but if he's anything like most of us guys, lingerie (your size, not his heehee) and a wanton look is ALWAYS appreciated. ;)

We really haven't celebrated Valentine's Day. I think that this year I might just make a nice dinner and we'll stay at home. I don't really like Valentine's Day in general, and especially going out to eat on it! :P

Reservations must be made eons ahead of time, for sure :-)

I replied earlier but my computer ate it, I guess. I'm too forgetful to make reservations, honestly. And I know that if we did go out, all the tables would be packed and we wouldn't even be able to talk over dinner. That's not very romantic. :P

No it's not very pleasant. My wife doesn't mind going out at odd times though, so if it is lunch, we tend to make the reservations at like 2 PM or if we will be out for Dinner, we either go a little early (4:30) or later (7:30). Depending on the restaurant however, it doesn't always matter (we once waited for over 2 hours for a table.....I don't think I want to do that again.....it was just because they didn't "TAKE" reservations.....well, now I have reservations about returning to that establishment LOL).

To answer your question, me and my beloved are going out to eat at a very special French restaurant; as I have taken the day off work.