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Why can't Egg Nog be an everyday drink. Answered

So we have probably all had to deal with this. That sudden craving for nog, but alas it is summer and it is no where to be found. Why you may ask, because it is considered a freaking holiday beverage. I don't believe that it should be limited to just a few months. For I am a true lover of Egg Nog, i dream of it year round, but alas it has just hit the shelves at my local stores and will leave in 3 months time. It pains me to have to wait so long to taste its delicious nogginess. WWWWWHHHHYYYYY can't it be an everyday drink????????????

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Well, someone would get wild over it and try to outlaw it in a whole if it was a year-round drink. They would come up with reasons like, "This thing kills people!" Or "This is the cause of obesity!"

HAHAHAH yeah that might be true, they always seem to find a reason to outlaw the good things; like weed and murder

"When murder is outlawed, only outlaws will be murdered."

I'd imagine it's just not popular enough. It's got a horrible shelf life and lots of people aren't into it, lots more only want a few sips over the holidays. Now, someone should convince Cadbury to sell their Cream Eggs year round. They'd sell to kids and fatties all year long...as a fatty, I know.

i'm the same way. there's a local organic dairy that makes teh best nog ever. i wish they'd make it year round.

Sorry, but the concept of contaminating decent spirits with egg is just anathema to me.

I love to add a dash of whiskey to my eggnog.

peppermint snapps is also good, maybe some rum as well


5 years ago

I know that feel bro.

i'm so glad someone understands =]

If you had it every day, then it wouldn't be special anymore. Kind of like fresh raspberries are the taste of summer.

Having said that, I second fungus's suggestion to make it yourself. Why not pull a dozen recipes off the internet and spend a glorious 6 months comparing them all?

Egg Nog is one thing I could never get annoyed with and I am terribe at any kind of cooking . . . i can seriously burn water. So i think I'll stick to store bought

It can be. Just make it yourself.

. . . trust me if I tried to make it, it would turn out like crud. I messed up making jello . . . yeah its that bad