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Why can't I connect my laptop to my wifi? Answered

When I got my Internet provider my hubby was able to receive a connection but once I tried to connect all I get is "unidentified network". It stats: "you are connected to --- but cannot access the Internet. " can someone help me figure this out? I've tried just about everything. I even contacted my Internet provider and they are baffled so it doesn't look good lol.  Please help!!!!



I have plugged it straight into the modem it doesn't work

When you say that it doesn't work, are you meaning that all applications that require the internet can't seem to get it? It looks like you are getting a valid IP address. Here are a few things you can do to test where the issue lies.

If you can please run a command prompt <windows key>+<R> (for run) type cmd and press <Enter>. Once in a command prompt, try these commands followed by enter;

ping (this will attempt to bounce messages off your router)

ping (this will attempt bouncing messages off google domain name server)

you could also try

tracert (this will attempt to reveal the devices that your messages have to travel through to get to google's dns)

if you have success above then perhaps your domain name server setting is not correctly set... perhaps we could try to set it manually to something like google's dns or

If you attempt to ping www.google.com does it fail?

if you enter the command ipconfig /all

what is your DNS Servers setting set to?

Thanks :) Hope you are having some success - make sure your husband's pc is on the same subnet (his ip address should be 192.168.0.something... otherwise it may be that your ip address has been set manually and will not work on your network unless you change your adapter setting to obtain the address automatically from your DHCP server (you router most likely).

Let know how you go.

OK. Next go into the device manager and under the network adapters click on the items there and uninstall them. This will delete the network. Then restart the computer. It will find all the hardware and install it again. It should then ask what kind of network you are joining, pick business and let it configure it. This puts everything back to the defaults and will hopefully work. A quick key to the device manager is press the windows key (between the ctrl and alt) , hold it down and press the pause key. In the box that opens up is a tab for the device manager.

The fact that you are getting an IP number means that you are connecting to the router. Another possibility is that the router is blocking you from internet access. That means you have to configure the router. To get into that type the gateway number into a web browser address bar, the number with the dots but nothing more. The router should respond by putting up a box that requires a user name and password. What that is will depend on who you got the router from and weather you changed the settings. If it came from your ISP they should have the name and password. They should also know how it should be configured. The fastest thing to do is to reset it to factory settings but if your ISP has put special numbers in it then it might not work after you reset it. Hence the need to ask them.

If it is your own router then you should be able to reset it to factory settings and it may work just fine. But it may not. This is kind of an area where you need to know what you are doing.

Also my hubby has a laptop and the Internet works. He has a pc as well but his os is windows 7


3 years ago

By the way, many of the "tech support" people for your ISP are simply following a recipe. Some even have flip cards and they just read to you what the cards say. You might have to ask for the someone who actually knows the stuff. "the nerd in the back room who wrote the manual" type of thing. Its kind of like medicine. Often you see a PA or a nurse first and if they can't take care of you they pass you along to the doctor. (More like the appointment desk where you can get a slot 2 months down the road) Anyway, if they don't appear to know anything beyond their script ask for some one who knows.


3 years ago

I would try getting a network cable and plug directly into the router. If you can get internet that way then it might be an issue with your wireless card.

There are a lot of things like that to try, sometimes just experimenting finds the cure.

also yes I double clicked the Ipv4 and it says opt-in ip address automatically

OK I'm running a pc. I checked what you asked here are the details...

Ipv4 address:

Subnet mask:


Hey there,

You need to help us out and let us know what type of laptop you have (mac/pc - which os?) - assuming you have a windows pc

If you are running Windows Vista try the Microsoft fix here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/928233/en-us (windows vista doesn't work with all routers due to a dhcp server issue - this is what gives your laptop an IP address allowing you network/internet access).

Otherwise, when you are connected to the wifi network could you please either;

right click the wifi icon and select Open Network and Sharing Center then select change adapter settings - right click your wifi adapter and select status and select details - What are your IP, subnet mask and IPV4 Default Gateway Address? Also, while you are there close details and click properties, then scroll down and double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 TCP/IPv4 to make sure your wifi device is set to obtain and IP address automatically (sometimes this is set manually to work with a previous network but fail on another)

Or run a command prompt (assuming you have a windows machine - <windows key>+<R> for run and type cmd and <press enter> or press the <windows key> and search for cmd and <press enter>)... once there type the command ipconfig <press enter> this will display your ip settings can you let us know your IP address and Gateway address - this will give us an idea of what is failing.


3 years ago

It seems the "unidentified network" is a known problem and i found a video that supposedly have a solution www.youtube.com/watch?v=9epRBi6kF-o (there are others for different versions of windows in the sidebar) but from the comments it sounds like it is a bit hit-or-miss.

You can also do a websearch for "unindentified network" if you want to read more about it.

Good luck.