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Why can't I contact you people?????? Answered

This is madness!,

You send emails around with all the new stuff, great, I like that!


If you had a normal email addres I would have been able to contact you some time ago, but you don't seem to think this is important!
The links used to work, now they don't anymore, my time is to valuable to go through the whole of your site to find what I'm looking for, so soon I will unsubscribe.
The fact I went through all the trouble to contact you, although you try to avoid that, means I want to stay with you.

Please fix this, or won't be bothered anymore.

Best regards,

D.R. Reijgwart


Hi there!

We've got many people working to resolve the recent issues that have arisen with various links in the newsletters.

To help us better identify the issues you've noticed so we can fix them, can you tell me a couple things?

- What email client do you use (gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc.)?

- Do you recall if the links that were giving you trouble were in any of the three most recent newsletters you received?

For future reference the email to reach us directly is service@instructables.com. Posting a forum topic works too, though! :)

We appreciate your help. Thank you!

Sam (seamster)

Instructables Community Manager


I'm using outlook, and I noticed that in the last two or three (at least) newsletters, the links from the Editors Picks are just not there! all the other links work okay.
I hope you can fix it because as it is, it is just a useless email.

Best regards,

D.R. Reijgwart

Thank you for the feedback! I will pass this on to the staff that are working on this newsletter issue.


At the bottom of every page (that isn't neverending) there is a "contact" link that provides an email address for support.

Can't we stop this stupid repeat of the neverending page? It was crappy the last time, it's crappy this time, and it means none of I'ble's contact or informational links can be found.

Okay, now that that's done, let me tell you how I really feel... :-)

You can't make this stuff up...wait, yes, you can...

I love the never-ending scroll because it means that projects on the home page get more views/are viewed longer. Every other page still has the bottom navigation bar. Perhaps a contact button could be placed elsewhere on the homepage?